Thursday, September 18, 2008

Figuring things out

Okay, so I was keeping track of me weight loss by the week, but I really got thrown off when I was MIA. So, instead I am just keeping track of overall weight loss and I added a countdown ticker. I only have 37 days until I turn 30! YIKES! ;) I've really been stalled in my weight loss this last 1-2 months, but I am going full steam ahead.

I went to bed early last night so that I could get up and do an early morning workout. It was funny, as I set my alarm last night I had the thought, "I'll get up if I feel good in the morning." Well, I totally acknowledged that if I was thinking that I totally would not be getting up. So I sat there for a good ten minutes mulling it back and forth. Taylor asked me what I was thinking. I told him I was trying to decide if I would decide to get up in the morning. Then I busted out realizing how funny it was ... just do it! So I made the decision and feel great for it today! I did a 45 minute all body strength tape (MBS).

I weighed in this morning thinking I would be way up since it has been several weeks since I weighed in and I have not been strict to my goals. I was actually down, which was a pleasant surprise. This is what I can see from this latest hiatus. I feel so much better when I am working out. I am not talking about physically, though that part is of course there. I am talking about emotionally. I feel better about my body ... more confident and less derogatory. I've been stuck in this rut of feeling so "fat" when I was actually weighing a little less. So this is a huge plus to working out. I know you can feel fat at any size, so this is important to remember.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm back with a vengance!

Okay, so I have been tetter tottering for a while and I am done! I did end up getting a treadmill and got it down in the basement somehow (that sucka is heavy!!!) Here it is:

and here are the specs:
Epic 425 MX
0-12 mph
0-12% incline
3.0 chp
20 X 60 treadbelt
350 lb capacity
13 workout programs
hand HRM

I tried it out yesterday for the first time and while it took a little getting used to, overall it was great. I did not have any shin, joint or back soreness which was amazing! I did just over two mile. For the last ten minutes I walked at the 12% grade (heard that Fergie does this for amazing legs!). It felt great and I am excited to have this fun new toy!

I haven't updated my numbers, I've been out for a few weeks, so I'm going to have to figure out how I want to update it. Later! ;)