Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Week 3 of PUSH

Hi girls! Yesterday started week 3 of the PUSH for me. I switched and did PC2, since Taylor and I worked out together, and that was the only one where we overlapped on weights only once. I am feeling it in my butt and ham strings today! I had a big 3 lb. drop this week bringing my total weight loss to just over 17 lbs!!! I am so stoked! This is even with some cheats here and there for birthdays and other stuff. When I know I have a cheat coming on, I will try to prepare by eating super clean prior and keeping my calories down, so I can freely have the cheat. Even then I'll have a much smaller portion than I would have before.

Going into CLX I was hoping to be able to achieve 15 lbs. total, but unsure if I could really do that. I still have over a month left, so who KNOWS what I can lose!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm here!

I got flattened by a really bad case of strep throat last week and have hence been MIA. Last week was week 2 of PUSH, but since I was totally out of commission for three days and then not up to par until today really, I am going to continue week 2 this week and then move on. So glad to be feeling better finally!

Life is kind of crazy right now, Taylor lost his job last week (laid off), I'm starting a new part time job today. I know these are the things that in the past would cause me to change course all together, but I am determined to push through this and come out on top.

On the plus side my weight did go down some more this week even with Aunt Flo visiting me!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Wow, today I was feeling sooooo sluggish throughout my entire workout. I even went lighter and/or did fewer reps with the weights this week. Guess it was the Super Bowl party that did me in. I didn't think I ate THAT much, but I think it was the overly indulgent yummies that just didn't work for my system. Oh well, it was fun and worth it and I know that my next workout I'll be much stronger again!

My weight was kind of all over the place this week, with the net being a .4 lb. loss. I'll take it. Today is the high end of where it has been, but I'm not going to be upset ... I know my body is making changes, and it will all come in time.

My motto for this week ... I AM POWERFUL! What's your motto???