Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

Let's face it, there's always going to be something that comes up as a potential sabotage for your healthy eating goals. My hubby is a big football fan, like HUGE. This year I actually joined a fantasy football league with the fam just so I can be part of this world that my hubby loves so much. Okay, what does football have to do with healthy eating? Well, that's right it doesn't!
Whether it's a tailgate party, a bowl party or just munchies in front of the tube watching your fav team it's all about the food. Here are just a few tips from the Beachbody Newsletter with tips on staying healthy through the football season: 

Work out first
A brand new study by a team of Brazilian researchers (Public Library of Science, August 2010) concluded that exercise actually modulates feelings of fullness in the brain, causing us to reduce our intake of food. In other words, when you work out, you actually eat less. Which is good, because you don't want to spend an hour and a half working out in the morning and then destroy it all with cravings for fried food and alcohol. Working out will help reduce your cravings and decrease your appetite. (Besides, it's pretty unlikely you'll feel like working out after the game.)
Don't go hungry
Popular wisdom says you should never go grocery shopping while hungry. The same rings true for attending any kind of party. The worst thing you can do to your nutrition plan is wait until you're starving, then descend upon an endless supply of low-quality carbs and not-so-lean meats. It'll be 45 minutes before you realize you're no longer hungry, and you've just consumed your weight in cheese curls. Eat a clean, high-quality meal before you arrive at the gathering. You'll eat less garbage and you'll probably be a lot more pleasant to be around as well.

Veggie it up
I know, I know, you don't want to be that guy (or gal!), but if you're going to bring anything to the party, your first choice should be a veggie platter. Not only can you save yourself from tomorrow's food hangover, you might actually do your body some good. Bite-sized pieces of broccoli, carrots, celery, bell peppers, cauliflower, and snap peas are all inexpensive, low in calories, and full of vitamins. Create a low-fat dip to accompany them, and you might just trump the team's QB as MVP. Just use any onion or ranch dip recipe, with nonfat yogurt, nonfat sour cream, or nonfat cream cheese as the base.
Also, try the 5-to-1 veggie trick: for every five bites of veggies you consume, you're allowed one full-fat snack bite. You'll end up having to chew so much for that one morsel of evil, it won't really be worth it.

Feeling fruity
Another great thing to bring tailgating is a fruit platter or fruit salad. Yes, I realize fruit has a lot more sugar in it than veggies do. But fruit is a lot lower in calories than potato salad, it's loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and most people like it a lot. What's more, it's high in fiber, so you'll stay fuller longer. Fruit skewers are a big crowd-pleaser, and counting the empty sticks will show you how much you're actually eating. Aim for watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, apples, oranges, peaches, and nectarines.

Get your hand out of the bag
When you're running late on game day, the path of least resistance is to run into a 7-Eleven and grab a few bags of chips and maybe some dip. Everyone loves 'em, right? Well, your waistline doesn't. You can easily consume a couple of meals' worth of calories by shoving your hand into a bag a few times. So plan ahead a tiny bit and replace those greasy potato chips, corn chips, and cheese curls with baked tortilla chips and salsa, seasoned air-popped popcorn, multigrain pretzels, and mini–rice cakes. You'll still get a ton of crunch and flavor, without consuming 13 grams of fat per handful.

If you want to add a dip, try this low-fat/high-protein guacamole recipe: Take a 16-ounce container of plain nonfat Greek yogurt, 1 peeled, pitted, and coarsely chopped large avocado, 4 tablespoons of chopped fresh cilantro, 2 teaspoons of minced jalapeƱo, and 1 small minced clove of garlic. Throw them into a food processor and blend until smooth. Chill before serving.
Keeping it light will be well worth it when you sit down to watch the Superbowl in 5ish months!

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Breathing Through It (Without Laughing!)

I think we've all heard about breathing through exercises, our muscles need the oxygen, yada yada. But, really?

I dare you to do that without laughing!


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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

rOCkTOBER Fit Club

I love fall ... love it, love it, love it! My birthday is in October along with Halloween. It seems that October just really kicks off the holiday season. As much as I love it, there's always that one part of me that wonders if I will have that typical "holiday weight gain" this year. Some studies show that people gain between 5-10 lbs. from October to December. Well, I'm putting my foot down. Not this year, not any more!

To kick off the season right, I've started a rOCkTOBER Fit Club over on facebook. You pick your goals (weight lose, eat healthy, tone up, etc.) and share your progress weekly (or more). I know I always have better results when I'm not in it alone, so come join me and let's rock this thing!I'll be giving away a workout DVD and Shakeology sample on November 1st to those who actively participate! 

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Outta My Head!

Yesterday was on of those days. You know the ones. You know when you get stuck in your head? Yeah that. 

But guess what, I'm out!!! I work to keep this blog a positive place to be, where you can find motivation and inspiration. Because of this, I really hesitated posting this blog, but the reality is that some days are just like that. I won't go into any stories of what happened, because really it was all in my mind (with maybe just a few outside triggers!)

Because I was gone all weekend, I felt pressure to dive right back in head first. When my mind wasn't cooperating, I really started giving myself a hard time. I had a conversation with my sister (aren't sisters the best?) and I decided to stop FIGHTING and just let myself feel what I was feeling. It was like POOF, the pressure was gone.

Instead of believing (and then fighting) the toxic thoughts streaming (gushing?) through my head, I saw my thoughts and mood as a more mechanical thing. "Oh look at how my body is responding to fatigue and hormones, interesting!" 

The best part? Today is a new day and I'm rested and ready to take on the world again! I'm so  OUTTA MY HEAD.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ladies, Look at Your Man, Now Back at Me!

Have you seen this commercial? It's hilarious!

Love it! He recently did an interview on Jay Leno and talked about how he stays in such great shape. Guess what his answer was??? P90X!

The story is here:

You’ve seen him in the shower, riding a horse, on a yacht and other exotic locales as the shirtless pitchman in the Emmy-nominated Old Spice body wash commercials. Guess how he got (and keeps) the body that has helped make him instantly recognizable?


Isaiah Mustafa, the 36 year-old model, actor and former NFL wide receiver is everywhere lately - online, in print and on TV, including an appearance this week on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. One of the questions everyone asks him is how he keeps his body looking so great. Thankfully, he isn’t shy about sharing his secret!

“I’m fortunate enough to work out with Tony Horton of P90X fame and he keeps me ripped,” Isaiah replied to Jay Leno’s question about his ripped bod. Isaiah then spent a healthy chunk of his precious couch time outlining the P90X nutrition plan that helps deliver such buzz-worthy results, impressing both Jay Leno and Eva Mendes.

Though he trains in person with Tony Horton twice a week, Isaiah has been a devoted P90X-er for over three years, adhering to the nutrition plan and intense total body workout that has helped him transform his body and his career. In addition to his Old Spice gig, he just landed a role in the upcoming film “Horrible Bosses,” starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.

Maybe it takes a bottle of body wash to smell like him, but if you want to look like Isaiah, you gotta BRING IT
Awwwww, now I really want to get this program! Hubby and I are thinking of doing this rotation together ... anyone want to join us?

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Monday, September 20, 2010

What's For Dinner? (It's Not Your Kid's Chicken Fingers)

I've got just a few requirements for dinners that stick in our house. First it has to pass the kid test (I'm NOT making two meals). Second it has MY taste test. It's not worth it if it doesn't taste good. Third (and probably most important to me) it has to be easy. Or relatively easy. Oh and fourth it needs to be somewhat normal ingredients that aren't too expensive. That shouldn't be too hard, right?

My kids have fun getting their hand dirty doing this one!

Not Your Kid's Chicken Fingers

1 1/2 pounds chicken tenders
3/4 cup flour
1 whole egg plus 1 egg white
1/4 cup milk
2 cups breadcrumbs, seasoned or *homemade

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Place flour in a shallow bowl, beat the eggs with milk in another bowl and put the breadcrumbs in a third.

Dredge the chicken in the flour, coating fully and shake of any excess. Dip the floured chicken into the egg. Coat the chicken with the breadcrums and place on baking sheet.

Bake chicken for 12-15 minutes, until golden brown. Serves 4-5.

*I never have breadcrumbs in the house, so I just make my own. I toasted 4 pieces of bread until it was very brown. Then I put them the blender one at a time. I seasoned my breadcrumbs with dried parsley, onion powder and garlic powder to taste. Easy peasy!

By the way, this totally passed the kid test. My 5 year old said, "Mommy, this is yummy! At first I thought it would be yucky but it's not. It's my most favorite!" SCORE!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

What to Eat - Guide to the Healthiest Shopping

I picked up this great book today, Cooking Light What to Eat: A Real-World Guide to Making Smart Choices. It's full of pictures and seems to have all kind of tips for picking and shopping for the healthiest foods.

 It starts out with these 10 tips to healthy eating:
  1. Base meals on items from the grocery store perimeter. Shopping along the outside edges of the grocery store is the easiest way to amp up the nutritional value of what you eat. The perimeter is where the majority if stores feature inherently healthy foods—fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meats, poultry and dairy products.
  2. Compare apples to apples (and chicken to chicken). Compare the prices of similar things. Make sure you’re comparing pound per pound and serving per serving. If you’re considering a $7.50 package of skinless, boneless chicken breasts vs. a $3.50 whole chicken, that’ $7.50 package with two chicken breasts is just over a pound and will fee two to three people, while the whole chicken is more than three pounds and will feed four, as well as make homemade chicken stock or soup.
  3. Look high and low. Prime product placement in grocery store goes for a premium price—vendors sometimes pay retailers thousands of dollars for placement at middle and eye-level shelves. These products may be some of the healthiest and most affordable ones, but make sure you also check the upper and lower shelves for good (and nutritious) deals.
  4. Buy in bulk. Buying in bulk the foods you eat often can save you money. Steel-cut oats bought from the bulk bin, for instance, are $0.89 per pound, while a tin runs $3.35 a pound. Lentils, beans, and chickpeas are also great bulk savers, as well as large bags of rice.
  5. Buy seasonally. Seasonal produce offers more than just freshness and delicious taste—it also saves money. Cucumbers are a great example. They are generally bargains when bought in season but out of season, they have to travel from afar and can cost several dollars per pound. Stay attuned to the seasons so that you’re shopping for the freshest ingredients at the best prices.
  6. Read the Nutritional Facts labels and ingredients lists. Since 1994, the FDA has required products to carry Nutritional Facts labels that list the amount of calories, calories from fat, total and saturated fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, cholesterol, sodium, vitamins A and C, calcium and iron per serving The most recent addition is trans fat (added in 2006). Read these labels: studies show that those who read Nutritional Facts labels are more likely to eat less foods high in fat that those who don’t.
  7. Make sure you understand what all the health claims really mean. You’ll find a variety of health claims—trans fat free, made with whole grains, all natural—splashed across the packages of a variety of products, but those healthy-sounding phrases don’t always tell the whole story. For example, a package may say “trans fat free,” but, by law, a product can claim to be trans fat free if it has less than .5 grams of trans fat per serving. Be sure to check the ingredient list to be sure you don’t see the words “partially hydrogenated oil.”
  8. Store brands can be just as good as brand names. Store-brand products can be tasty and nutritious, and they can help keep your grocery bill in check. Store brands can cost a fraction of the price of brand names—around 25% less. The difference in price is usually not from differences in what goes into the food but rather the marketing and promotion costs that come with building a brand into a household favorite.
  9. Weigh the cost of convenience foods. With convenience comes a heftier price tag. For example, whole broccoli runs $1.69 per pound, while a bag of precut broccoli florets comes in at $3.36 per pound. In cases such as these, you might want to consider if the extra cost is really worth the time saved by having someone else cut up your broccoli for you.
  10. Shop for bargains. Check your local grocery store’s weekly circular, or look for specials at the store to plan meals around the items that are on sale. When there’s a sale on items you use regularly, take advantage and buy extra.

Can't wait to see what other gems are in this book!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's for Dinner? - (It's All in the Marinade!)

I don't know about you, but I am all about easy BUT yummy food. In the past, this meant un-healthy food since let's face it ... we are surrounded by UNhealthy convenience foods. I've been on a quest to find healthy dinners (and lunches) that I can look forward to  without spending time (I don't have) preparing.

One great way to get flavor without adding a lot of calories ... MARINADE! Meat, fish, veggies & more, the possibilities are endless! It takes a little planning ahead, but the results are soooooo worth it. Last night I used a store bought teriyaki sauce to marinade our steak. I defrosted it in the morning and let it marinade all day long.

Here are a couple of my favorite marinade recipes (from, my fav!):
We love meat in our house, it's hard to imagine a dinner without it. The trick to keeping it healthy is to pick lean meats and watch your serving size. In most cases 4-5 ounces in all you need. I usually cut a piece in half after it is cooked. Fill up your plate with fruits and veggies for a complete meal. We had a variety of fruit (I love summer because of all the fresh fruits available for cheap!) & a simple salad with a blush wine vinaigrette. I topped it off with a piece of sourdough bread (been loving this lately!)


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shakeology Cleanse vs. Master Cleanse

I've had quite a few people ask me how the Shakeology Cleanse (SC) compares to the Master Cleanse (MC). Since I haven't done the Master Cleanse myself, only heard the (horror) stories from others who I have, I actually wondered myself. I came across this blog written by Steve Edwards (self titled human lab rat and the fitness and nutrition advisor at Beachbody Fitness Solutions.)
 If you've wondered yourself about the cleanse or even Shakeology in general, this is a great read (taken from a post Steve wrote about the Shakeology Cleanse):

First of all, the SC is not a true cleanse but a calorie restricted nutrient dense eating plan. Traditional cleanses contain very few calories and nutrients. Compared to the much more popular MC, it’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Traditional cleansing diets are done to rid your system of toxins and bring it into homeostasis. They also contain a spiritual aspect. This process can take a long time, which is why you may have seen co-workers walking around the office in a zombie-like state for weeks on end swilling a strange concoction of lemons and maple syrup.
The SC is nothing like that. Depending on how you decide to do it you’ll be eating frequently and consuming between 800 and 1200 calories a day, and it could be even more should you feel you need it. The point of the cleanse is not calorie restriction, per se; it’s nutrient efficiency. The aim is to get the most nutrient possible into the fewest number of calories. The goal is to put all of these calories to use as a part of your exercise program, rid your body of undigested foods and toxins, and bring your hydration levels into homeostasis. The result you’re after is not weight loss—though it will likely occur (see my last post)—but that your body is running more efficiently. This should make you feel lighter and more energetic, even though you’re doing an exercise program.
I call it nutrient efficient eating, and not actual cleansing, because you eat a meal with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber every few hours. And while you’re not eating as much food as you’d normally eat you’re calorie to nutrient ratio is extremely high, meaning that that actual nutrients you’re getting should not be too restricted so activity can continue as it normally would.
A lot of people have asked me how I managed to consume around 1,500 calories a day on the cleanse but it’s not a stretch to do so. You have three Shakeology shakes where you can add fruit, nuts, and seeds. I would usually add various fruits to one shake and fruit and chia seeds to another, then have the third as a snack during a period where I was training. At night you get a salad and I’d pile mine high with veggies, nuts, and seeds and use some good olive oil and balsamic vinegar as a dressing.
This may seem like a lot of food but remember that the goal here is performance. You want to eat enough to fuel your day, including your workout. The foods you’re eating are so high in fiber and nutrients that it’s virtually impossible to overeat. You’ll be consuming so much fiber, along with enzymes and digestive aids that your body’s ability to eliminate will be heightened to where any excess foods will be quickly flushed.
Back to the weight thing; most people will lose some weight during a cleanse but that is not the goal. Those with a lot of undigested gunk in their systems will lose weight as it’s flushed out. Those of you who are properly hydrated and already eat well are less likely to lose. For those of you who need to lose weight take heart; you are setting up your system to use nutrients more efficiently and improving your ability to lose weight through structured diet and exercise. So while you may not lose much on the cleanse you’ll be more prepared to lose weight later. Think of this as a foundation training phase where you’re body might not change a lot but you’re improving you’re capacity for performance, and hence change, during the latter phases of the program.
I should probably address cortisol in another posting but I’ll mention it briefly here. Another reason why we don’t always lose weight on cleanses is due to this stress hormone. Restricting calories is stressful to the body and it reacts by releasing cortisol. Cortisol is performance enhancing in the short term but if you somehow keep you body stressed for long periods it creates havoc in your system and can cause you to doggedly hang onto weight in a type of survival mode. We don’t want this to occur, which is one reason the Shakeology cleanse is short (and the reason many people don’t lose weight on the MC). It’s important not to remain in a highly caloric deficient state for long periods of time, and especially when you are trying to exercise hard.
Hope that answers any questions you may of had. And if you want to try a sample of Shakeology, just let me know!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Surround Yourself with Greatness

Let's say you're trying to lose weight. If you have a friend to go to the gym with, you are MUCH more likely to keep going ... right? Just like the saying, "You are what you eat," it could be said, "You are who you know."

I am very lucky to be surrounded by amazing family and friends in my life. Their positivity and encouragement give me the strength to try new things and take on huge challenges. Does this mean that they are always positive? Nope, of course not. We are all human afterall. But, I can choose to focus on the positive and create my own positive environment as well. Positively. (Just had to squeeze positive in one more time!)

How do you find great people? Look at what it is you want to be (a runner, a writer, a speaker, a blogger, etc.) and seek out others who are already doing it. You can do this in real life or online (facebook, twitter, blogs etc.) When I decided to run a half marathon, I didn't know what in the heck I was doing. But I had new friends who helped me every step of the way. I didn't always think I could actually finish the race, but my good friend Triscia told me I could. I believed her words until I could finally believe it for myself (once I crossed the finish line!) 

This is why I write this blog. This is why I am a Beachbody coach. Just remember ...

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Monday, September 13, 2010

What's for Dinner? (Chicken Bruschetta)

In our house it was Chicken Brushchetta with salad, fresh peaches and a slice of sourdough bread. Impressed? Don't be, it's such an easy recipe. Honestly I don't know why I don't have this more often!

I found this recipe on (my ALL time fav recipe site!)

Grilled Chicken Bruschetta

1/4 cup Kraft Sun-dried Tomato Vinaigrette Dressing, divided
4 small skinless, boneless chicken breasts
1 medium tomato, finely chopped
1/2 cup Kraft mozzarella cheese
1/4 cup chopped fresh basil

  1. Place large sheet of heavy-duty foil over half of grill grate; preheat grill to medium heat. Pour 2 Tbsp. of the dressing over chicken in resealable plastic bag; seal bag. Turn bag over several times to evenly coat chicken with the dressing. Refrigerate 10 min. to marinate. Remove chicken from marinade; discard bag and marinade.
  2. Grill chicken on uncovered side of grill 6 min. Meanwhile, combine tomatoes, cheese, basil and remaining 2 Tbsp. dressing.
  3. Turn chicken over; place, cooked-side up, on foil on grill. Top evenly with tomato mixture. Close lid. Grill an additional 8 min. or until chicken is cooked through (170 degrees F).
Calories: 167
Total Fat: 6.8g
Cholesterol: 58mg

Here are my tips:
  • Marinate it longer than 15 minutes. I put it in a bag this afternoon when I got home from the store.
  • Use a can of tomatoes if you don't have fresh ones. This time I used the Italian seasoned diced tomatoes ... added even more flavor!
  • Use what you have. I've used mozzarella, parmesan and feta cheeses depending on what I have
  • I buy the freeze dried basil that you keep in the fridge ... next best to fresh!
  • Invest in a meat thermometer. For years, we didn't have one and always cut the chicken in half to test for doneness. As a result, the chicken was always dry. Use the thermometer and watch for it to reach 160 degrees. All of the juices stay in and you'll have nice, juicy chicken.

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    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    Watch Out! The Freshmen 15 Isn't Just For Freshmen!

    Love this one from Beachbody.

    Back-to-school time doesn't just affect students. It's the time of year when everything changes—for everyone. The days shorten, it cools off, we get really busy, and the holidays are looming around the corner. As opposed to those frivolous days of summer, your schedule is now probably booked. In short, it's the easiest time of the year to let your health slide.

    Back-to-school time doesn't just affect students. It's the time of year when everything changes—for everyone. The days shorten, it cools off, we get really busy, and the holidays are looming around the corner. As opposed to those frivolous days of summer, your schedule is now probably booked. In short, it's the easiest time of the year to let your health slide.
    1. Schedule your exercise. One of the most difficult adjustments to make during the fall is getting used to less daylight. As the days shorten, it seems as though you've got fewer hours during which to schedule your activities. When you come home from work in the dark, it hurts your psyche. And it's tough to believe that 7:00 PM is really no different than it was during July, when you still had 2 hours of daylight left. Then there's the cold factor. Even if you work out indoors, it's so much easier to get back under your warm covers or bundle up and sit in front of a fire or the TV than it is to force a workout. Just remember that exercising makes you warm. It also keeps you fit and healthy and is the best thing you can do with cold and flu season right around the corner. Schedule your daily workout like it's part of your job, and stick to it.
    2. Schedule your sleep. As our days get busier, we tend to push projects later and later into the evening. To fuel those longer hours we eat . . . and eat. This is one major cause of the freshman 15: the infamous all-nighter. A recent study showed that when doctors are doing their residencies and are forced to work extremely long hours, famously foregoing sleep in the process, they gain an average of more than 20 pounds. As available daylight decreases, it's common to find yourself making alterations in your daily schedule, with sleep often losing out, so schedule your sleep just like you do your work and exercise.
    3. Plan your meals. Plan your weekly meals ahead of time so you don't resort to unhealthy "convenience" foods. If your schedule is insane during the week, try taking an hour or two on Sunday to shop and strategize. Put healthy meal and snack options in your car, your office, your backpack, or anywhere you're likely to find yourself hungry. Trust me, the energy you get on the back end of this planning will far exceed the time it takes to plan, especially when you consider how you'll feel if your diet is fueled by fast food.
    4. Carry water everywhere. When we're busy, we'll often forget to drink water, especially as the weather cools off. Then, in a dehydrated state, we often confuse thirst for hunger and eat. Avoid this by ensuring that there's water everywhere you go. Carry a water bottle and refill it at every opportunity. Have an extra bottle in your car, your backpack, at your desk, etc., and behave as if you're in a race each day. Force yourself to drink a glass of water every hour that you're working or studying.
    5. Plan for parties. Parties happen—and there's not much you can do about it. Even if you aren't social, the party will find you. Many offices are like the one in that Seinfeld episode where the coworkers find any excuse to celebrate, usually with cake or other sugary treats. And with fall comes many such opportunities to indulge. Beginning with Oktoberfest, you'll find a never-ending string of perfectly good excuses to ruin your health that last right through New Year's. Plan ahead and decide just which occasions will be worth the indulgence. That way you'll be fully armed with reasons when your coworkers show up in your office singing, "Get well, get well soon. . ."
    6. Begin a morning ritual. One of the easiest ways to live a healthy lifestyle is to begin each day by doing something positive. During the summer, we often let this slide because, well, we can. With long warm days to look forward to, there always seems to be time to do something energetic. As the days shorten, making the effort to be healthier takes more discipline. Beginning each day with something healthy, even something as brief as a 5-minute ritual of breathing deeply, stretching, and thinking about positive things you want to accomplish with your day, can give you a whole new outlook.
    7. Find a healthy nighttime ritual. Many of us undo an entire day's productivity in the last few hours before bed. This is particularly true when we're busy and/or stressed because we want to unwind, which often means cocktails and/or desserts in front of the TV. If you can find a healthier way to unwind, you'll do yourself a world of good. And even if you can't get away from the dessert/TV habit, adding something at its end, instead of just sacking out, can reverse much of the damage. Stretching in front of the TV is one of the easiest ways to make that transition. Following up your stretching with herbal tea and some relaxing reading can have you hitting the sack with a much more positive attitude.
    8. Make a positive New Year's resolution now. Instead of waiting until New Year's to undo and repair the damage caused by a fall-into-winter slide away from your fitness goals, make a resolution to get there, starting today, with improved fitness and health. Just think about how much better your goals can be for next year if you finish this year on a positive note. Why put yourself through the work of digging yourself out of a hole you make deeper from now through the end of the year? Instead, set yourself up, beginning right now, to have a banner New Year.
    9. Cut yourself some slack. You can't be perfect, and, frankly, who wants to be? You've got to live. By planning ahead with goals in mind, you'll be far more able to relax about the holiday season, and maybe even enjoy it a little, too. So make a plan and do your best to stick with it, but don't forget to make enjoying the season and having some fun part of that plan.
    10. Create accountability. When you share your goals with someone, you are much more likely to stick to them. Need someone? I'd love to help keepo you accountable. Join for free at and I'll be your accountability coach! 
    I know I've featured lots  of articles lately with tips & lists, but I found these so helpful and hope you do to!

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    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    Can The Right Diet Improve Your Sex Life?

    Got your attention? This article certainly got mine!

    While it has long been discussed how certain foods can act as aphrodisiacs, helping to get people “in the mood,” it is becoming clear some foods really can help to spice things up in the bedroom. It makes sense because all aspects of our health are determined largely by what we put in our bodies. We all realize this to some degree. What may be a new realization for many is to consider our sexuality as part of our health.

    When you start to look at it that way, it suddenly makes a lot of sense that the right diet can play a role in improving our sex lives, just as the right diet can help us lose weight, or control or prevent a disease or illness.

    So what foods should you eat if you wish to enhance your love life? First, get your blood pumping. The foods that do this better than most are any foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Try salmon or mackerel. Your sex life largely depends on how good your circulatory system is. Good circulation is required for well, strong performance from the guys.

    Other performance-enhancing foods include oatmeal, nuts, dairy products, dark green and root vegetables, garlic, ginseng, soybeans, garbanzo beans and seeds. The thing these foods all have in common is L-Arginine, which is an amino acid the body uses for many functions, libido being just one of them. A good rule of thumb is any food that is considered “heart-healthy” is also likely to be “sexually healthy,” as these foods get the heart pumping and increase the blood flow.

    Oysters and other seafood are well known for their aphrodisiac qualities, and chocolate is believed to stimulate the production of endorphins, the body’s own feel good hormones. Celery and parsnips may not spring to mind as very sexy vegetables, but both are good sources of androdestenol, a substance believed to mimic human pheromones, our own built-in sexual fragrance designed to attract mates.

    Soy is a good food for both men and women from a sexual standpoint. Soy helps to prevent dryness and ward off symptoms of menopause, like hot flashes for ladies, while it is also good for men’s prostates. In a win-win situation, some foods that help us to lose weight also help to increase libido. Obesity is linked to sexual dysfunction and testosterone issues. People who lose weight often see their sexual lives improve as pounds are shed.

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