Monday, June 23, 2008

30 by 30 Week 5

6/23/08 -
Exercise - I CHOSE to get up this morning and run. I set out to run 3 miles, but cut it to 1 1/2 when I started to feel my sore shin. I decided I didn't want to push it, but ease back in. I feel good now. It's funny how 1 1/2 is so short to me now, when it used to seem impossible!

Saucony shoes - 91 miles

Nutrition - Haven't eaten anything yet, so it's all good so far!

10.8 lbs. lost in 4 weeks!

Okay, so I've been MIA around here lately, but I just had to report the huge breakthrough ... I hit the 10 pound mark! I took my measurements today as well and have downward movement going there as well! (It's nice to see this, because honestly it's hard to really "see" the weightloss ... I really don't FEEL 10 lbs. thinner.) The biggest drops were in my waist - 2.25" (had to triple check that one!) and 2" in my hips!

I've been feeling guilty because I haven't been exercising, and I haven't been sticking to my nutrition goals 100%. In reality, I've been moving more and eating less. Even when I've splurged, I've had portions, or part of a portion along with healthy, good for me food.

This weekend my cousin took the Landmark Forum and I got to go last night with her for the last 3 hours. One of the things we talked about the difference between deciding and choosing something. How when you decide BECAUSE of something, you're killing off the other choices. (De"cide", Pesti"cide", Geno"cide", spermi"cide" ... you get the idea.) So when I decide I need to exercise because I need to lose weight, then when I am not exercising it's the equivalent in my mind as gaining weight. Same thing with nutrition. So if I chose something today, it gives me the freedom to choose something different tomorrow without there being all that meaning attached. So today, I chose to go running for no "reason" except I chose to go running. I don't know if this is even making sense, but it's really a powerful feeling. It's almost like if it's OKAY to not exercise ... then maybe I won't resist it so. Hmmm ...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

30 by 30 Week 4

Okay, so I have been a total slacker! I have been relatively sticking to my eating plan and exercise has been non existent. Life has been crazy, but when Monday came around I just couldn't fathom getting started again. I think mentally I needed a little dowtime. Just wish I could do it without feeling so guilty! My weight went up .4 lbs, which is not bad all things considering.

Nutrition - yes, but I didn't track it

Exercise - no

Nutrition - no

Exercise - no

Nutrition - so far!

Exercise - not yet


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busy week

Hi! I just wanted to touch base and say I'm still here and going strong. This week is crazy because I am working more hours to cover for Katie while she's out of town and this Saturday is our first home show in Logan for my sister's and I new business ... so needless to say there is TONS to do to get ready for that. I am sticking to my eating plan and exercising as I can. I won't have time to come around too much until Monday. See you then!

Monday, June 9, 2008

30 by 30 Week 3

6/9/08 -
Exercie - Yes
Okay, so my shin has been feeling better this past week, so I decided to go running with the girls this morning. It the first run for most of us since the half. We ran three miles (including a grueling hill) and while my lungs felt like exploding, I did it! We walked about .3 miles after the hill but other than that we ran the whole thing!

3 miles
saucony shoes - 89.5 miles

Nutrition - Yes

Doing great! I got off track of entering my food over the weekend, but I did really well despite that. On Friday night I had dinner at my sister's house and the tortillas she had were made with white flour, but they were fresh ones, so I had it anyway. Saturday, Taylor and the kids got ice cream. I figured I would have some as well, but I actually didn't feel like it, so I passed it up! THAT is SOMEthing. I would never pass it up before! ;) I really don't feel limited and it is so nice to to crave sugar all of the time.

Overall I am so pleased with how things are going. It is so motivating to see the weight moving down. I can't wait to see what my body does when I combine the running with weight training this week.

6/10/08 -
6/11/08 -
6/12/08 -
6/13/08 -
6/14/08 -
6/15/08 -

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Week 1 weight loss

It's official ... I lost 5.6 lbs. this week! I've weighed myself each morning and it has been so amazing to see the weight drop off so steadily. I have never EVER lost that much weight in one week. I think the nutrition is a big factor. I also have heard that people lose more weight in the months after they train for a race. Considering I didn't lose during the training at all, it is very nice to finally be going down.

30 by 30 Week 2

6/2/08 -
Exercie - No
I could blame it on the sore shin, which is still sore. But really, I was going to get in a strength workout ... but just kept putting it off until there was no more time left.

Nutrition - Yes

I'm pretty happy with my eating ... it's motivating to be losing weight so fast. It really discourages the cravings to cheat. I didn't plan dinner very well and we didn't get to eat until after I helped Stacey unload the van. We didn't end up eating until after 9pm ... way too late! But I ate within my guidelines.

6/3/08 -
Exercie - Yes
I just got done doing PS Back, Biceps and Abs (PS BBA). It felt good to get in my workout for the day. I love doing strength training ... no dread factor there.

Nutrition - Yes

I had a yogurt this morning and realized that it has high fructose corn syrup. It was weird, because I noticed has it tasted sickeny sweet. It's funny because I have eaten this yogurt for years. Funny how a week and a half of no extra sugars and corn syrups changes the way things taste.

6/4/08 -
Exercie - Yes
I did PS SLA and was so much stronger doing it this week vs. last week. It's all leg work (lunges, squats, floorwork, etc.) and is pretty killer. I had to turn it off before getting to the ab work since I was running out of time (had to run Mom to the chiro) but I got in a great workout! I think I'll do my other upper body strength workout tomorrow and see how my shin feels for running on Friday.

Nutrition - Yes

Did well! I had some lobster bisque soup from Zupas and realized later that it probably had white flour in it (since it's cream based). Besides that I did really well. Made homemade pizza with a wheat crust and it was really good. I had major cravings last night ... not for unhealthy food necessarily, but just to eat. I knew I wasn't hungry, just up late (we were up until 12:30 watching a movie). I pushed through and didn't give in. Felt great to come out the winner!

6/5/08 -
Exercie - Yes
Just got done doing PS CST. Went very well ... this one is the shortest workout of the three and it just zoomed by!

Nutrition - Yes

6/6/08 -
6/7/08 -
6/8/08 -