Wednesday, December 31, 2008

3rd day of CLX

And I'm feeling great. Just got done with BC2 woooo, that sure worked me. What I really like is that the moves are way challenging, but I don't have to do 2-3 sets. The pushups at the end are the only set I couldn't complete fully, but I tried my best!

Also, I've have been way on track with my eating. I've planned all my meals and prepared snacks and so far it's been great. In fact, since Sunday the scale is down 5.2 lbs! I won't officially record until Monday, since I know sometimes there is a big drop and then it settles back up. But I am very happy with things. So far there has not been that "dread" factor. I am sooooooo excited for the cruise, so I think that is really helping keep me motivated. Maybe I just need to go on a cruise once a year and then run a half marathon 6 months later, so I'm always working towards a big goal!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

First day of Chalean Extreme!

Today is the official start for my 12 week rotation of Chalean Extreme. This month is called "Burn" and this morning I did Burn Circuit 1. It is a strength workout that is just over 35 minutes long. I'm tracking the weights I'm using, because you're supposed to fatigue between the 10-12th rep. On about half of the exercises I'll need to pyramid up next time. That was encouraging, because it made me realize just how strong I am!!!

One of the things I love about this program are the extra materials that came with it. Usually those "add-ons" are just junk, but not with this one. There is a guidebook that talks you through all the aspects of getting ready for, form and recording results. Last night, Taylor and I took pictures, measurements, weight, and the fit test. It is designed to do every 30 days so you can see the results. Then I went through the recipe book and planned out meals through next Monday ... I'm talking every meal. I am getting ready to go shopping in a bit. I think having it all laid out will leave less wiggle room. I'm glad I like most of the recipes because it made it very easy to plan and create a shopping list.

Anywho ... I am going to update some info here giving the details for this new rotation.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chalean Extreme

Got it!!!!!! Okay, you are gonna think I am totally OCD, but I took pictures. I have been anticipating this set for a while now. Now that I know this is my cruise gettin' in shape set, I think it makes it even that more enticing to me. So here it is ...

This is the cute box it came in

Open it up and ... oh so appealing!

Here are the bands, gloves, fat calliper, etc. I used a purple band like then in physical therapy after the car accident. I didn't ever think of it as anything and through it away!

That box you see when you first open the package is a sleeve that contains these three books. Two are actually books (Fat Burning Food Guide & Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook) and one holds the DVDs.

Haven't read through all the recipes yet, but there are lots of scrumptious pictures. I'm a visual person, so it is very appealing to me. (I keep using that word!!!)

Here's a picture of the inside of the guidebook. It is just that ... guides you through the programs. From how to take before and after picture (lighting, poses, etc.) to how to perform the moves to rotations. Love, love, love the pictures and design. very APPEALING!

This is the inside of the DVD holder.

Open it again and you get this. There are 7 DVDs and one audio CD.

You can get all the details of the program here: I can't wait to try these out!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm here!

So, I haven't been posting on here, but I am still working on things. Taylor and I have overhauled our diet and I am working on the exercise thing as we get ready for our cruise in April. It's official ... we're leaving April 3rd. So that gives me exactly three months to get into cruise shape! I have been anxiously awaiting Chalene Johnson's new program, which is coming out just in time for the cruise. It's a 3 month program that switches it up each month to get optimal results. What's also cool is I can use my own cardio or use the cardio she has. This was I can work on my running, since I am still wanting to do the Odgen half again in May. Here's the website which has some info on the system:

There is a nutrition plan that comes with it. I'd like to compare it to what we are doing and see if there is anything we can add to what we are currently doing.

They had a test group going on this program the past year (one of the girls that was part of it goes to a message board I frequent) and they got some amazing results. Here is a page with their pictures:

Now, they got to work out with Chalene in the studio and they followed a very regimented diet plan (they each had a nutritionist set up a plan for their body). So their results were extreme. But I think I can get the results I am looking for. (Feel good, have lot of energy, be able to walk all day during our shore excursions, etc.)