Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm back!

This is for you, Marlies!

Sorry to be MIA. I actually thought no one would notice if I weren't around much, but thanks for keeping me accountable. I have been somewhat keeping up with things in the exercise department, but not at the level I would like. I have been somewhat good at my eating, but once again not at the level I would like. I know for me the biggest hurdle has been coming back after "life" gets in the way. I'm here and I'm not giving up!

I weighed in this morning and was only up .4 lbs from the last two weeks. This is a victory for me because in the past when life throws curve balls, I turn to food and would have gained like 5 lbs. I started exercising more last week, and really felt strong. Okay so here's my pep talk:

I AM strong. I AM determined. I will NOT let the past determine my future. I have BIG ideas and need a healthy body to be able to fulfill these ideas. I CAN, not I AM doing this!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Is it really Friday already!

Yesterday was such a BLAH day, I ended up taking an unscheduled rest day. I had major insomnia that night. I was so exhausted all day. So last night, I decided to go to bed not expecting myself to get up and workout. I said, "If you feel like it, great, if not just do it as soon as you get home from dropping Aubrey off." Well I slept like a baby last night! I did sleep in and did FS as soon as I got back. I think I've had some anxiety about getting up early and it's been causing these restless nights. So, for now I'm going to back off and get the workout in after I drop Aubrey off. Luckily I have this option. I will push again for the early mornings in a couple of weeks.

I felt full of energy with my workout this morning and that felt great. I will try to get in a good workout tomorrow to make up for the unscheduled rest day yesterday.

So, I sneaked a look at the scale today and according to today's number, I've lost the 10 pounds and 2 more! I'll do my official weigh in on Monday and know it could be slightly higher, but that is pretty exciting!

I've been so careful with my eating since my horrible Tuesday night. Funny thing yesterday when I was so sluggish all day I wanted to devour everything in sight! I refrained, but seriously not even 20 minutes after eating a balanced meal I would "feel" famished again. I could tell it was my mind playing tricks on me and I was not about to give in just to get sick to my stomach! The mind can play mean tricks sometimes!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sluggish Wednesday

So I was determined to be well rested and went to bed early. I fell asleep almost immediately but woke up about 20 minutes later and had the worst insomnia for hours! I think what did me in was dinner. We had leftovers. I knew my portion was too big, but it wasn't enough for two whole portions, so I thought no biggie ... don't want to waste food. About half way through I had the thought that I should finish, but I let my mouth do the talking and ate the rest because it was yummy. I think I've shrunk my tummy or something, because 3 months ago I could have easily eaten what I did and more! Instead, I was miserable all evening. I wasn't stressed, didn't have a lot on my mind, was tired, so I SHOULD have slept well. But the my body is not used to overeating and it sure punished me last night.

While it was not a pleasant experience, I will definitely learn from this. I feel like I am getting to a place where I will be able to listen to my body to see what it needs. Next time my mouth wants more, but my stomach says no ... I am going to remember last night. What's that saying, "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips?" Well my saying is a moment on the lips, a night full of agony!

Because of the night I allowed myself to do my workout after dropping Aubrey off at school. I pulled out Cardio Burn and worked through the high impact as much as I could. My legs were sore from yesterday, so I couldn't quite finish all of the weight work (I was also exhausted). My goal going into it was to get the cardio done and I did that!

I will eat a nice dinner tonight (portion sized) and get some rest tonight so I can wake up energized to workout!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Can you believe it's September?

I can't believe summer is almost over. Crazy! Been a while since I checked in, but I'm still plugging away. Had a nice weekend, very relaxing. Ate too many yummy foods, but I felt I did okay with portion control. Did some yoga on Sunday, which was a scheduled rest day. Yesterday we were doing family stuff all day, but at bath time last night I asked Taylor to take be in charge of washing hair so I could squeeze in a small workout. I just really felt like I needed to move. I thought about going for a run, but it was too hot!

Today it was impossible to get out of bed, but I came home and did Volume 1 as soon as I dropped Aubrey off. It was challenge with Braden, but I did it!

I'm not weighing myself this week because it TTOM and last month my weight went up 3 pounds during that week. I don't want to make myself feel bad, so I'll put it off until next week. I'm hoping I'll have a pleasant surprise! I am so close to the 10 pound mark. It has been slow, but really I've averaged 1 lb/week which I know is healthy and I living a lifestyle now that I can see myself living forever (i.e. I'm not starving myself!)

Week 9

Week 8:
Monday - TJ, 20 minutes
Tuesday - Vol. 1, 60 minutes
Wednesday - CB, 40 minutes
Thursday - rest
Friday - FS, 57 minutes
Saturday -
Sunday -
Total minutes for week: 177minutes

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Half way there!

First I have to start with ... the results are negative! My Mom got her biopsy results yesterday and they are negative for cancer. They just want to do a follow up in 6 months since they weren't able to get the whole lump out. SUCH a relief to know for sure!

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day. I was pretty sore in the morning, but I did get myself up and did some yoga. It felt really good and I liked the DVD I did. It had someone doing modifications that I could follow. Some of those people are amazing. I can't even hold downward dog the whole time. About halfway through I noticed that my muscles felt kind of tingly and alive. Hard to explain, but it felt really good!

Only about an hour after school started, the office called saying that Aubrey was sick. Poor thing threw up in the hall on the way to the bathroom. She was very embarrassed. I'm glad she didn't do it in front of all the kids, because she would have been absolutely mortified. She didn't throw up again at home but fought vicious waves of nausea and had the runs all day. She must have caught some of the germs her brother had last week.

Didn't think she would make it to school today, so we slept in, but not much later than normal. There was NO part of me that wanted to work out. I was a little achy and had the beginnings of a headache. I just wanted to chill with Aubrey. I finally talked myself (I honestly don't know HOW!) into doing Firm Strength. I told myself to just do 10 minutes and then quite if I still didn't want to do it. By that point I was ready to finish the full workout. Aubrey was running around playing with Braden, so I figured if she could run around she should go to school. I sure hope she doesn't get sick there again ... I'd feel horrible!

I feel energized and am glad I worked out. I know I'd be feeling crappy and disappointed if I didn't workout.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No clever title for today

I had to DRAG myself out of bed at 6:30 am this morning. BUT, I DID it!!! I did Firm Cardio. I did notice I did not have the energy I normally have, so I just did what I could. I know my body just needs to get used to these early mornings. Right now I just want to crawl into bed and nap for four hours!!!

Last night I had kept having cravings for sweets. My subconscious kept popping these thoughts in my head and a few times I almost got up to get a snack without thinking. When I realized what I was about to do, I knew I wasn't hungry, in fact I was quite satisfied and snacking would only give me that overstuffed yucky feeling. I'd go through that process and not even a minute later it would pop back in. I was really able to notice how bizarre it was. I wasn't hungry. I didn't want to eat anything. I was sticking to my goals. Yet my mind tried its darnedest to sabotage things. I tried to think why I was having these thoughts and I think it is because I haven't been strict. We've had a few nights where we've eaten dinner late (like after 9pm) and a few nights where I did some light snacking. I will need to be more careful.

Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of School!

So Aubrey had her first day of second grade today! We decided to walk to school, but I underestimated how much time we needed, so we really booked it. Right before we got to school she tripped a fell, poor thing. Got all scraped up but luckily no blood. She's at a new school, doesn't know anyone yet ... but she totally went inside without hesitation. I was prepared for her to be clingy and nervous. My girl is growing up!

I got up early and did MBS before we left for school. I am NOT a morning person, so I am quite proud! The walk to school wasn't too bad, but coming home was HARD (we live at the top of a BIGGGG hill.) It took me twice as long to get home.

My weight is only down .4 pounds this week, but I'm okay with that. Yesterday I went to my sister's for lunch after she blessed her baby and there were so many yummy foods. I didn't eat too much but definitely indulged in many foods I don't normally eat. So I am sure my weight will go back down over the next few days. And even if it doesn't I am NOT letting my weight determine my attitude. (If I keep saying it, maybe I'll eventually believe it!)

Week 8 stats

Week 8:
Weight - 215.0 (down .4 this past week, start weight 222)
Monday - MBS, 45 minutes, 35 minutes power walk
Tuesday - FC, 57 minutes
Wednesday - yoga, 45 minutes
Thursday - FS, 57 minutes
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -
Total minutes for week: 239 minutes

Friday, August 24, 2007


I didn't make it here yesterday, but I did have a good day. Did Firm Strength from start to finish. Felt great to get in a full workout. I was sweating buckets. I got in 40 minutes of Maximum Cardio today, but couldn't finish because Braden was too needy (he threw up again in the night and just isn't himself.) I felt very weak in the workout today and had to modify a lot, but I was proud of myself for doing it! The lead of this video is inspiring, because she seems like the body type I could aspire to.

Aubrey has been gone this week, and I have been really worried about how I can balance everything without her help (she is a BIG help with Braden) when she goes back to school. Now that I am working 30+ hours a week from home, trying to get in the exercise, plus being a Mom ... there aren't enough hours in the day.
We got into such a nice rhythm this summer. I think I have been subconsciously concerned that my exercise would lack as a result. But I made it through this week (with Braden being sick) and know I will be able to do it. I'll definitely want to pull my hair out at times, I am sure. I just finished reading a book about a vampire (a good one) and he didn't have to sleep anymore. I was SO envious. Just think of all I could do if I didn't have to sleep or get tired!!! Good thing I don't know any vampires!

Week 7 measurements

So I finally got around to doing my measurements:

Week 7
weight - -6.6 lbs
chest - -.5"
R arm - -1.25"
L arm - -.75"
waist - -2"
hips - -1"
butt - -1"
R thigh - -.5"
L thigh - -.75"
R calf - -1.25"
L calf - -1.25"

If you remember, at my last measurement, I was so discouraged because my weight AND measurements went up ... some higher than when I started.

I am so glad I stuck to it, because now all of the numbers are going in the right direction. My body is definitely changing. Just a moment ago I scratched my shoulder and I felt a buldge (and not the bad kind!) ... I felt the slight rounded muscle at the top of my shoulder and thought ... "Where'd that come from?" My arms and legs are no longer just mush. They're mush with very distinct muscles beginning to pop through!!!

There's still that part of my that in impatient with the results and wants to be skinny NOW. But this is me not listening!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Week 7 stats

Week 7:
Weight - down .6 this past week, 6.6 total
Monday - REST
Tuesday - REST
Wednesday - 1/2 Vol. 3, 30 minutes
Thursday - FS, 57 minutes
Friday - MC, 40 minutes
Saturday -
Sunday -
Total minutes for week: 127 minutes

I'm here still ...

So I've been fighting the anti-exercise demons the last two days and he won two days in a row (after my two scheduled rest days). I finally put my foot down today and decided to try Vol. 3 (just bought it from swap). So about half way through (end of the last aerobic phase) I get a call from my Mom who is feeling anxious about the needle biopsy she is having next week (she had an abnormal mammogram a month ago, and the ultrasound yesterday). She's going through all of the emotions and what ifs and feeling alone when DS climbs up on my lap and proceeds to throw up all over both of us. I had to quickly hang up (just as she is expressing how ALONE she feels). As I stripped us down and we jumped in the shower, I could absolutely feel the adversary working against us (not just me from doing the workout, but in my being there for my Mom.) So, I got us cleaned up, got a throw up bowl and snuggled on the bed with DS while calling my Mom back. I was able to be there for her, we prayed together and worked through some of the feelings.

DS is now watching his favorite DVD and I needed to come here for some comic relief. I actually am feeling much better. I really feel that my Mom is going to be okay. The abnormality is very small; they almost just had her come back in 6 months to check. I feel that they are being very thorough, which is what I want. However the process could definitely been a challenge. My Mom has always been healthy (besides the car accident) and so this is such unexplored territory.

I've really been fighting the negativity and not being discouraged that I am not losing weight faster than I have been. When something like this happens, it really puts things in perspective. I know I will feel discouraged again and again, but the important thing is to work through it and then pick myself back up and keep moving forward. I know that depending on how next week goes, I may not be able to devote as much time and energy to my journey, but I am awake now and will not longer sleep in denial about what is best for my health.

Friday, August 17, 2007


I had a CRAPPY last night ... overindulged on pizza (thought I learned my lesson) and it spiraled into me into lots of negative thinking (not losing weight fast enough, not enough money, not enough time ... and on and on). After I got through the whole pity party thing, I realized how much overeating really affects my mood and confidence. I think it was something I haven't felt for a while, so it was such a shock on my system. Still recovering from it today, but feeling much more positive and more myself. Was feeling sore and SO not like working out this morning, but I was able to talk myself into doing SBHT. Felt SO much better when I completed it!

Aubrey and I might do a 5K walk/run tomorrow! My friend called and told me about it and we just might do it. Have to figure out the logistics, but wouldn't that be cool? I WILL overcome the negative thoughts, I WILL prevail.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Feeling much better today (as far as soreness) so I decided to try a new workout I recently got, Aerobic Body Shaping. I don't know how people do this without pausing, because I had to pause between almost every equipment change. It was a pretty good workout, though!

I was looking at a calendar of my workout since June. I am SO impressed with myself. It was solid, all but the first week has at least 5 workouts (not counting the two vacation weeks.) This is big for me. Sometimes I still hear that doubting voice in my head saying, "You can't really do it" but most of the time I am seeing success. Why CAN'T I do it? Can't think of one reason!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Halfway through the week!

My body was really sore last night and this morning so I decided to take it easy. I've really been wanting to learn yoga and actually bought a mat a few weeks ago. So I pulled out one of my beginner routines, it's a cool DVD that has 4 25 minute sessions that teach the basic moves, breathing, etc. I can definitely see yoga as challenging my body in a different way. I only went through a few poses, but some of them were HARD to hold. And I am definitely no where near as flexible as I'd like to be. I just bought 9 new yogas DVDs for $20 ( and already have American Power Yoga and a Brian Kest yoga DVD.

If I am not too sore tonight, I might go run/walking with Aubrey. But I don't want to push it either!

We went and got a backpack last night for Aubrey. She was feeling very mature (she IS going into 2nd grade after all) and thought the character (hello kitty, princess, etc.) backpacks were much too juvenile for her! She picked out a very cute (and mature!) brown and pink with cheetah print bag. She told me that she really feels older than 7 ... kids are precious!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Transcendent Tuesday!

Well, maybe not SO transcendent, but pretty close!!!

Last night Aubrey and I went for a run/walk. It had been a while since we've done between vacations and the heat, so we decided to follow week one of C25K. I felt great but Aubrey had a harder time, I think she had to much in her belly from dinner. Normally I am trying to keep up with her!!!

Pulled out Cardio Burn today. It's got some pretty high impact stuff in it and I was able to keep up with some, but definitely had to modify some some my heart didn't pop out of my chest!

I really need to start going to bed earlier. It's not too long before Aubrey starts school and I'll have to get up earlier to get in a workout before she heads out.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Can't believe it's already the 13th!

I am not counting last week on this journey because between being out of town and then getting a yucky head cold (still clogged up today but manageable!) Did have a great time at the Lake. It was perfect weather. We did an awesome hike through some caves. There were man made steps carved out of the stone totally 440 steps one way. Braden didn't feel like doing most of it so I ended up with him on my back (all 32 lbs.), so it really was quite a workout!

I was very relieved that I did not gain. We only ate one meal out last week and cooked the rest, so I didn't eat too horribly, but definitely not as clean as when I am keeping track. I am going to start keeping track of my eating again today. Pulled out MBS and after a long discussion in my head I prevailed and got this body moving! MBS is definitely my go to video. It's got the weights with a bit of cardio to get my heart pumping.

Week 6 stats

Week 6:
Weight - -6
Monday - MBS, 45 minutes; Run/walk 30 minutes
Tuesday - CB, 48 minutes
Wednesday - Yoga, 25 minutes
Thursday - Aerobic Body Shaping, 54 minutes
Friday - SBHT, 30 minutes
Saturday -
Sunday -
Total minutes for week: 232 minutes

Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's Thursday

Man, it's hot outside! Just got back from the store, and the heat just makes it so exhausting!

Got up and did FC this morning. There was no way I could do FS and FC back to back last week, but I thought I'd see if I could do it and I did! I've been reading a lot about should you do weight work back to back or not. (After all that is what FS and FC were originally designed for.) I think since my highest weight I'm using right now are 10 lb. dumbbells, I should be fine. I don't know why, but for me table work is SOOOO tough! I can do the squats, lunges, dips keeping up with the beat. When it comes to the table work, I can never quite crank out the reps! And that's without ankle weights. Oh well, it will come too!

Was supposed to go out to dinner last night with a friend but we ended up at my house ordering pizza so the kids could play. I knew last night would be a splurge night, so I ordered from my favorite place (they have sourdough crust ... yummy!) I put out fresh fruit and only ate 2 slices. Normally when we get this pizza, I eat 4-5 pieces and then am so uncomfortably full the rest of the night. I remember many times vowing I would never do it again yet next time it was same story. With the fruit being out I munched on that while we talked. It felt so good to enjoy the splurge without feeling horrible (physically and mentally) afterwards!

My sisters and I are planning to go rent a condo by a lake up north next week. I am really excited! I would like to continue with workouts while up there but not sure if I should lug weights up or what. I'll get in a workout at home Tuesday before heading up and will come home Friday, so I could squeeze one in that afternoon. That leaves Wednesday and Thursday. I'll have to think about what to bring. Maybe I could do some run/walk intervals and bring some pilates or SBHT.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Half way through the week

Taylor went to Las Vegas yesterday for a work trip so I am a single mother until Sunday night. It's weird because this is only the 2nd time in our 9 years of marriage that I'm home alone! (I'm normally the one taking off on him!!!) Aubrey slept with me last night, but man is she a loud sleeper, we are going to have to reconsider that tonight!

Just got done with FS. It feels awesome to really do a one hour workout 100%, no cheats. Of course Braden was up early this morning and was his usual helpful self (trying to ride his bike under me while I attempted plie squats.)

Been doing good keeping track of my eating. I realized I wasn't getting enough fiber, so I have been working on that. The rest of the numbers have been pretty good. The scale finally budged downward this morning, but I won't post officially on that until Monday.

Overall I am feeling very positive today. Got a lot of work ahead with my job today and I am ready to go!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's the last day of July!

Can't believe it's almost August! Braden is going to be 2 on Saturday ... unbelievable.

Just got done doing Fat Blaster. The last time I did this (in my first week) I was dieing and there was no way I could do any of the impact. I was kind of dreading doing it based on how that felt, but it was totally different today. I did most of the high impact stuff (though modestly) and was able to sufficiently recover during the box work and such. Still a challenge for me, but not nearly so impossible.

Kept track of my food yesterday at I think this is really going to help my progress because it will keep my accountable for what I am intaking. I also went to the store and loaded up on fresh fruits and veggies. I am not saying no treats, but I want the majority of my diet to be healthier. Overall I am feeling much more positive then I was yesterday!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Trying to not be discouraged

So not happy with my results this week. I put off an official weight in last week, because I knew it would be off from vacation. Well, it has pretty much stayed the same all week give or take .2 lbs. So, I told myself I would take measurements and surely would see some progress there. All of those numbers are higher as well, some of them are higher then my starting stats. The only thing that maintained was my waist. Ugh, I am trying REALLY hard to not put meaning on this. I have seen it happen to others and told them to ignore the numbers, but it is really hard when it is MY numbers going UP!

I am going to start keeping track of my food intake at I am going to watch my portion control and work on adding my veggies and fruit into my diet. I really didn't want to go down this road, but I think it is now necessary.

Numbers aside, I am feeling better physically. I have been the run/walk intervals with Aubrey and I am noticing much more endurance on my end. A few months ago we tried doing it for about 2 weeks, and I never tried to get past week one of C25K, because it was so hard. I now find myself easily running those 60 second intervals. Last week I did FS and FC which there is no way I could have done those on week 1. I am feeling my muscles developing again, especially in my arms. So, I know there are good things happening here and I just need to keep up the pace.

I am getting ready to do MBS, and am working hard to not pay attention to the numbers. I told myself going into this that it wasn't about the numbers, but man its hard!!!

Week 5 stats

Weight - up 3.4 pounds
measurements - to sad to share
Monday - MBS, 45 minutes
Tuesday - FB, 44.5 minutes
Wednesday - FS - 57 minutes
Thursday - FC, 57 minutes
Friday - MC, 47 minutes
Saturday - rest
Sunday - rest
Total minutes - 250.5 minutes

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Don't worry, I'm still here!

No blog yesterday, but that was mostly because I had a lot going on during the day. Didn't get my workout in early, but I did do some run/walk intervals with Aubrey last night. I had planned on using my ipod and listening to the Couch to 5K podcast, but my ipod wasn't charged. We were out for 30 minutes and did our own intervals. We had a blast but were quite tired when we got home! I don't know what we were thinking when we got this house at the TOP of the hill because we always start out downhill and coming home (when we're exhausted) it's all uphill!I was pretty sore yesterday from Tuesday's workout, so it was good to do something different.

Today I did FS. I was moaning at the end while doing some inner thigh lifts and Braden came over to help hold my leg up! It worked MUCH better that way!

No problems with the snacking last night. I have been thinking (but not wanting to REALLY think) that I need to work on my daytime eating now that I am really feeling like I have a handle on my nighttime snacking. By next Monday I want to have my next plan. I really am not wanting to count and keep track of everything, so I am trying to figure out what will work.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Pioneer Day!

Whew, just got done doing all 57 minutes of Firm Cardio (FC)! I have been in the mood to get a nice long total body workout in and just wasn't up to it yesterday. Glad I could do it today! I did modify and cut out a few reps here and there so I could keep up.

I need to try to get an earlier start. When I began I was getting out of bed right after the alarm. Today, I didn't do my workout until after 10am. When I do it later, it just cuts into my day and with Braden being awake, well, let's just say he's a BIG helper! Of course tomorrow will be hard because we'll be up late tonight watching fireworks.

Snacking was good last night. I didn't stick to that rule 100% during vacation, so I thought it might make it hard getting back, but so far no problems.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Week 4 stats

Monday - BScS, 31 minutes
Tuesday - FC, 57 minutes
Wednesday - run/walk intervals, 30 minutes
Thursday - FS, 57 minutes, C25K week 1 30 minutes
Friday - C25K week 1 30 minutes
Saturday - REST
Sunday - REST
Total minutes - 235 minutes

Back to Reality

Got back yesterday afternoon from vacation. What a blast! It was so fun in Orcas Island and relaxing as well. The temperature was perfect (warmest day was a high of 80!) I am now suffocating in this triple digit weather. Man, if I could find a place to live that had 70-80 degree weather year round, I would so be there!

I am not doing an official weigh in until next week as I get back into the groove of things. I will count today as the beginning of my fourth week. I did BScB and intended to add on some floorwork, but that didn't happen because I was pretty pooped, so I decided to listen to my body. I know it will take a few days to get my body back into the rhythm of things. But luckily I didn't have to talk myself into the workout! I have been determined to prove to myself that vacation would not interrupt my mission!

Going into this vacation I really worked on my mindset and esteem about my body. You see, my cousins are all teeny weeny (one cousin was a WA Red Skins chearleader.) In the past (even weighing less) I have compared myself and ended up feeling horrible about myself. So I wanted to go into this trip with the healthy thinking I have been experiencing these last few weeks. And it worked! I was able to just be myself and enjoy being with everyone. Before I always felt like everyone was looking at my imperfections. This time I didn't experience that at all! They didn't do anything different, and I realize it is all in my mind. I can be happy and content or embarrassed and paranoid. I choose the first!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm outta here Thursday!

Okay so I got up and began doing Winsor's ABS but got a work call that I had to take care of. Now I have to do all the last minute things to get ready to leave this afternoon. So, I am not counting the workout (because I only did a few minutes) and my vacation officially starts now!

Oh, I do have to report on my weigh in. On the scale I have been using this past three weeks, it read a 6 pound total loss! I am so excited ... I had not dreamed of losing so much already, but I'm definitely not complaining!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wacky Wednesday!

Just got done doing MBS. I did this workout a week ago Monday (the 2nd of July) and I am amazed at the progress I have made this past week. Last week, I had to sit out some reps of the lunges, and I did it this week no problem with higher weights! I am definitely going to do my best to sneak in as much exercise over vacation as I can (lots of walks, sit ups before bed, etc.) because I want to continue to progress ... it's just so exciting!

I noticed the last two nights I had some really strong cravings, but I just remembered all the things I have been talking about here and realized how crappy I would feel if I gave in. Once I went through that in my mind, it didn't seem quite so bad.

I finally found my Taylor digital scale. It's about 5-6 pounds off (lower!) from the scale I've been using, so I'll have to make some adjustments to my stats. I like it so much better because it measures to the .2 pounds. The other one was the dial kind, so you kind of guess a little. I did step on both and I think I am going to be happy tomorrow at my official weigh in! Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Um, it's Tuesday?

Whew, my mind is so totally on vacation already! I had to really talk myself into getting out of bed and getting a workout in. I did Winsor's Maximum Burn Cardio which is about 37 minutes of very do-able cardio. Just what I needed! Now I have to discipline myself to get some housecleaning and work done.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Maniac Monday!

Whew, I just got doing Firm's Volume 1 (Body Sculpt Basics). One thing this tape is not is BASIC! It is the original Firm tape from 1986. Quite cheesy and some of the moves need to be modified for safety reasons, but it is such a killer workout that it is worth it. It's 60 minutes and the first half has you aerobically working all of your muscle groups (there are SO many lunges and plie squats) and just when you think it is over you get down on the floor and do the craziest leg work. I was groaning throughout much of this. Braden kept asking, "Ye K Mom?" and then give me a hug. He was very helpful!

I bought a yoga mat over the weekend so I begin to learn some of the yoga moves. That will be a nice change, I think.

Only three more days until we leave for Washington. I am so stoked, it's not even funny!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Thrilling Thursday!

Did all 57 minutes of Firm's Cardio Sculpt (CSc) even with my sister's three kids here this morning! I am noticing that my workouts while totally tough are not wiping me out afterwards like they have been. I feel like my muscles have been worked but I am not so SORE. I am also feeling that I am I've got a rhythm going. I have not had to talk myself into working out. What an amazing feeling!

No snacking last night and it was not a struggle. We went out to eat and I was feeling pretty full on the way home so I asked hubby to drop Aubrey and I off at the bottom of the hill and we walked home (about three blocks.) It was like my body needed to feel some movement.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Week 3 workout tracker

Week 3:
Thursday 7/5 - BSc 47.5 min, Yoga 10 min
Friday 7/6- CSc 57 min
Saturday 7/7 - REST
Sunday 7/8 - REST
Monday 7/9 - Vol. 1 - 60 min
Tuesday 7/10 - Winsor MBC 37 min
Wednesday 7/12 -
Thursday 7/13 -
(adding Thursday since the following week is vacation)
Total minutes for week: 211.5 min

Today I pulled out The Firm's Body Sculpt. It is a tough weights workout and really fries your legs. I actually felt like doing more when I finished, so I decided to pull out a beginners yoga DVD, since I have been wanting to learn yoga. It has four 25 minute routines that teach all of the basics. I only managed about 10 minutes because I was slipping all over the place. So, I need to go buy a yoga mat. Bummer, I was excited to do it!

I decided that yesterday would be a totally free day for the holiday which meant snacking would be okay. We always get kettle corn on the 4th to much on while we wait for fireworks. I have to say, my tummy still feels gross this morning! And I really didn't eat that much! I think my body is getting used to not having to digest while sleeping and it just doesn't like to have to try again!

Week 3 begins now!

Official weigh in and measurements today ... down another .5 lbs. The most surprising to me was that I lost almost 2 inches off my waist. I did know something was happening because I tried on some capris that 4 weeks ago I couldn't even begin to button up and I was able to button them up the other day! Still a little snug around the thighs, but another week or two and I will proudly be wearing them!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It's a Terrific Tuesday!

Whew! Just got done doing the 20 minute Turbo Jam (TJ) workout and then I added Firm's Sculpted Buns, Hips and Thighs (SBHT) for 34 minutes. SBHT is all floor work and actually includes abs to. It is a nice change to lunges and standing leg presses but sure works those thigh and bun muscles!

I really struggled again with not snacking last night, but I did it! (Or rather DIDN'T do it!)

I will take a rest day tomorrow since we will have plans tomorrow. Depending on how I feel after my workout on Friday, I would like to do a workout on Saturday so I can get 5 workouts in this week. I want to listen to my body so I hope it's in tune with my mind this week! ;)

Got life jackets last night for the kids in preparation for our trip to Washington. I know I said this yesterday, but I am getting so excited! It is so time for a vacation!!! It's funny because another reason I am looking forward to this is to prove to myself that I can take a break from exercise during that week and hop right back into it when I get back. In the past when something comes up and interrupts my schedule I flounder and stop working out. But as I I have been saying from the beginning, I am NOT letting the past dictate my future!

Monday, July 2, 2007

I survived the weekend!

Had a great weekend with Taylor's family, did some four wheeling on Saturday (didn't know I could get sore from that, but I did!) I was good about no snacking after 8pm except for last night, but I'm back on track today!

I had to really talk myself into working out today. We didn't get home until midnight last night and so I just didn't feel like getting up this morning. So, workout was later than usual and I had to pause to get Braden some breakfast, but I did it! All 45 minutes of Maximum Body Shaping (MBS). This is definitely one of my go to videos. I can modify it up or down depending on what I need and it is such a good all body tape.

Finalized lodging plans with my family for for our vacation in a week and a half ... I am so excited. I will not plan on working out during that week but I plan on getting right back into things when I get back. I am getting so excited as we haven't had a reunion with this part of the family for years, and it will probably be my grandpa's last reunion.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Taking it easy

After talking with Jerusha yesterday and then experiencing such muscle fatigue and soreness last night (for a while I felt like I was getting the flu and I might throw up) I decided I need to listen to my body and take a rest day today. I am still sore today and glad I decided not to push it any further. Don't want to end up with an injury or being sick!

I am getting ready to go down to Castledale this weekend, so will continue with my two scheduled rest days and resume my exercise routine on Monday. There's that part of me that is trying to feel guilty that I didn't do what I had planned today, but I am ignoring it! I don't agree! Four days of exercise is still quite an accomplishment! It hasn't even been two years now that I was stuck in a wheel chair. Step by step, Carrie!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

And it's Thursday

Well, I attempted Maximum Cardio (MC) today but about 22 minutes into it, I just couldn't go anymore (even with major modifications.) My mind still wanted to go but my body is just tired. So, I decided to pop in a pilates tape. I did Winsor's Bun and Thigh (B&T) completely (though a couple of moves were modified so I could do them.) So 40 minutes total, not bad!

So today is the official one week point. Two pounds are gone! I think I'll wait a few weeks to do measurements. Honestly right now I am not concerned about the weight loss yet, it is about making exercise a routine and working on my cardiovascular capacity. I talked to Aubrey about starting our running/walking together and of course she is totally up for it. I think we'll start again a few evenings a week. We use the Couch to 5K plan.

I think I am going to have one post where I keep track of my workouts for the week, so I can see it all at once and keep track of the minutes. It will look something like this:

Week 1:
Thursday 6/21 - PS BBA, 42 min
Friday 6/22- PS CST, 38 min
Saturday 6/23 - REST
Sunday 6/24 - REST
Monday 6/25 - BScB, 31 min
Tuesday 6/26 - FB,44.5 min
Wednesday 6/27 - FS, 57 min
Total minutes for week: 155.5

Week 2:
Thursday 6/28 - MC, 22 min; B&T 18 min
Friday 6/29- REST
Saturday 6/30 - REST
Sunday 7/1 - REST
Monday 7/2 - MBS 45 min
Tuesday 7/3 - TJ 20 min; SBHT 34 min
Wednesday 7/4 - REST
Total minutes for week: 139 min

Last night was the last night of my seminar and it felt so good to be able to report that I had followed through with my goals. It was such a powerful night ... I feel ready to conquer the world!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The journey begins

I actually began this journey last Wednesday at my seminar when my eyes were opened. I've known I NEED to do something, I've yearned for it, but kept putting it off. In the last year and a half, I gained 43 pounds. Yup, that's right. I have been on the road to out of control obesity. I am done going down that road. I have seen my sister suffer terribly through her weight loss surgery. I know as hard as it is to exercise and eat right, the consequences of being unhealthy are too high.

Here are some excerpts from posts to a fitness message board I visit.

My goals for this week are to get up at 8am each weekday to workout. On the weekends I will rest, but I will be more active (i.e. go for walks/hikes, run and play with kids, yard work, etc.) No dieting or calorie counting for now, though watch portion control and NO snacking after 8pm.

I actually began my new plan last Thursday. Here is where I'm at:

6/21 - Pure Strength (PS) Back, Biceps, Abs (BBA) - did 100%
6/22 - PS Chest, Shoulders, Triceps (CST) - did 100%
6/23 - rest - went for a walk with kids
6/24 - rest - walked home w/ dd from church: HOT!!!
6/25 - Body Sculpt Blaster (BScB)- walked to 2 homes we visited this morning.

I plan on keeping these goals for the first two weeks and then adding to or maintaining depending on what my body needs. I know for me after about two weeks my body will begin to get used to the extra work and it will become more of a habit. I had a huge wake up call when my daughter was 2 (she is 7 now) which lead to a couple of very healthy years for me. I have recently experienced a new wake up call and am excited to begin this journey again. I feel positive and energized and ready to make some major changes to this body! My purpose in keeping this journal is to help keep the momentum moving forward when life throws curve balls my way.

Posted 6/26 -
This morning I stayed in bed longer than planned but did get up to do Fat Blaster. The last time I did this video (been years!), I do NOT remember it being that hard. For the first "low" impact segment I kept up with the plyos and bunny hops, but that about killed me, so I modified the rest of the high impact moves. Not because I can't do them, but I think my heart would have raced right out of my chest!''

Last night I really struggled with wanting to snack, but I resisted the urge ... GO ME!!! My mind was playing such tricks on me that I literally felt hunger pains. I knew they were not real, because I had eaten well all day and had a good sized dinner. It was funny because a few days ago my sister (she had gastric bypass two months ago) was talking about the classes she took to prep for the surgery. They talked about how your mind plays these tricks on you. I was so glad we talked about this earlier in the week because I was totally able to spot it happening to me.

I have been thinking about what videos to focus on. I have been wanting to do a Cathe rotation, but after today realized I need to work up to her cardio. I think I am going to work on doing some Firms (that is what brought me success 5 years ago) and maybe doing some of Cathe's strength here and there until my cardio capacity improves. I would also love to work on Couch to 5K, but it's been too hot outside. For now it's a play it by feel. Maybe when I re-evaluate at two weeks I'll pick something more concrete.

Posted 6/27 -
Whew, just got done doing Firm Strength (FS). I was screaming (literally;) ) through some of those sets. I had to pause throughout to breath and drink water. But, I did it all! I was SO thankful for the stretch at the end. My body feels like jello right now!!! No snacking last night and it was not nearly the struggle I faced the night before.

On the road again

Okay, I caved I am creating a BLOG! I am done spinning my wheels when it comes to my health and I am looking for new tools to help me on this journey.

I will no longer:
  • Let my past failures pave my future
  • Let my weight continue to spiral out of control
  • Say or think negatively about my body
I will instead:
  • Create a future full of possibility
  • Make the health and well being of my body a priority
  • Look for the good in myself and notice the positive changes