Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Week 3 of PUSH

Hi girls! Yesterday started week 3 of the PUSH for me. I switched and did PC2, since Taylor and I worked out together, and that was the only one where we overlapped on weights only once. I am feeling it in my butt and ham strings today! I had a big 3 lb. drop this week bringing my total weight loss to just over 17 lbs!!! I am so stoked! This is even with some cheats here and there for birthdays and other stuff. When I know I have a cheat coming on, I will try to prepare by eating super clean prior and keeping my calories down, so I can freely have the cheat. Even then I'll have a much smaller portion than I would have before.

Going into CLX I was hoping to be able to achieve 15 lbs. total, but unsure if I could really do that. I still have over a month left, so who KNOWS what I can lose!

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  1. Wow Carrie! What amazing results! I am so excited to see this trend continue. :)