Thursday, June 28, 2007

And it's Thursday

Well, I attempted Maximum Cardio (MC) today but about 22 minutes into it, I just couldn't go anymore (even with major modifications.) My mind still wanted to go but my body is just tired. So, I decided to pop in a pilates tape. I did Winsor's Bun and Thigh (B&T) completely (though a couple of moves were modified so I could do them.) So 40 minutes total, not bad!

So today is the official one week point. Two pounds are gone! I think I'll wait a few weeks to do measurements. Honestly right now I am not concerned about the weight loss yet, it is about making exercise a routine and working on my cardiovascular capacity. I talked to Aubrey about starting our running/walking together and of course she is totally up for it. I think we'll start again a few evenings a week. We use the Couch to 5K plan.

I think I am going to have one post where I keep track of my workouts for the week, so I can see it all at once and keep track of the minutes. It will look something like this:

Week 1:
Thursday 6/21 - PS BBA, 42 min
Friday 6/22- PS CST, 38 min
Saturday 6/23 - REST
Sunday 6/24 - REST
Monday 6/25 - BScB, 31 min
Tuesday 6/26 - FB,44.5 min
Wednesday 6/27 - FS, 57 min
Total minutes for week: 155.5

Week 2:
Thursday 6/28 - MC, 22 min; B&T 18 min
Friday 6/29- REST
Saturday 6/30 - REST
Sunday 7/1 - REST
Monday 7/2 - MBS 45 min
Tuesday 7/3 - TJ 20 min; SBHT 34 min
Wednesday 7/4 - REST
Total minutes for week: 139 min

Last night was the last night of my seminar and it felt so good to be able to report that I had followed through with my goals. It was such a powerful night ... I feel ready to conquer the world!

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