Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sluggish Wednesday

So I was determined to be well rested and went to bed early. I fell asleep almost immediately but woke up about 20 minutes later and had the worst insomnia for hours! I think what did me in was dinner. We had leftovers. I knew my portion was too big, but it wasn't enough for two whole portions, so I thought no biggie ... don't want to waste food. About half way through I had the thought that I should finish, but I let my mouth do the talking and ate the rest because it was yummy. I think I've shrunk my tummy or something, because 3 months ago I could have easily eaten what I did and more! Instead, I was miserable all evening. I wasn't stressed, didn't have a lot on my mind, was tired, so I SHOULD have slept well. But the my body is not used to overeating and it sure punished me last night.

While it was not a pleasant experience, I will definitely learn from this. I feel like I am getting to a place where I will be able to listen to my body to see what it needs. Next time my mouth wants more, but my stomach says no ... I am going to remember last night. What's that saying, "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips?" Well my saying is a moment on the lips, a night full of agony!

Because of the night I allowed myself to do my workout after dropping Aubrey off at school. I pulled out Cardio Burn and worked through the high impact as much as I could. My legs were sore from yesterday, so I couldn't quite finish all of the weight work (I was also exhausted). My goal going into it was to get the cardio done and I did that!

I will eat a nice dinner tonight (portion sized) and get some rest tonight so I can wake up energized to workout!

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