Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm back!

This is for you, Marlies!

Sorry to be MIA. I actually thought no one would notice if I weren't around much, but thanks for keeping me accountable. I have been somewhat keeping up with things in the exercise department, but not at the level I would like. I have been somewhat good at my eating, but once again not at the level I would like. I know for me the biggest hurdle has been coming back after "life" gets in the way. I'm here and I'm not giving up!

I weighed in this morning and was only up .4 lbs from the last two weeks. This is a victory for me because in the past when life throws curve balls, I turn to food and would have gained like 5 lbs. I started exercising more last week, and really felt strong. Okay so here's my pep talk:

I AM strong. I AM determined. I will NOT let the past determine my future. I have BIG ideas and need a healthy body to be able to fulfill these ideas. I CAN, not I AM doing this!


  1. Welcome back. I'm glad that you have found your way back and you are still having success.

  2. Hey there! Check out Braxton's new hair cut.