Friday, March 7, 2008

New goals for a new year

Okay, so it's not January first, but I haven't posted on here all year! I have really been trying to figure out why I didn't stick with my exercise goals from last summer. I have lots of reasons/excuses:
  • It was too hard once school started ... I was exhausted and not able to work out fully if I got up before Aubrey went to school, and if I waited until after I dropped her off Braden would be all over me wanting attention making it impossible to workout. I couldn't work out during nap time, because that is time that I needed to work (I work from home).
  • I joined the PTA board, and that took up a lot of time (especially with the fundraiser)
  • I joined the Sandy City Orchestra. Gotta practice!
  • I started a new four month seminar. Call it self improvement, call it education for life. I was bettering myself so I could be a better Mom, wife and Carrie! ;)
  • I wanted to go for runs in the evening with Aubrey, but there's never enough time to get everything done as it is and if she's not in bed at 8pm, she is a basket case in the morning trying to get ready for school. And THEN it got too cold.
  • If I tried doing workout videos in the evening, then I would be all keyed up for bedtime. How can you be healthy without sleep?
  • My sisters and I started a company. Gotta work on that with what little extra time I do have.
  • Blah, blah blah blah blah!
Those are just some of the many procrastinating thoughts that I have allowed to rule my mind since the end of September. But honestly they are just words. A few weeks ago I invited a family over for dinner from our ward, Trisha, Glen and their three kiddlings. Trisha told me about how she was gearing up for a half marathon in May with some of the other girls in the ward. I made a HUGE (grin) mistake and told her that I have had this secret wish of knowing what it is like to be a runner. She invited me to come run with them telling me that she would slow down for me as I get started. I was like naw, no thanks! As I stewed over it for the next few days, I realized it was just what I needed. I needed some people in my life to help me stay accountable. I needed a goal to work towards that was tangible. So, GUESS WHO'S TRAINING FOR A HALF MARATHON IN MAY??? That's right I AM!!!!!!!

I am actually on my third week now and going strong. Can you believe that we are getting up and going to the track and Dimple Dell at 5:45 am?!? Yup! And this week I went twice on my own, because the others were either sick or slept in. Here's what I've done so far

Week 1
2/19/08 - 2.0 miles (ran .9, walked 1.1)
2/21/08 - 2.3 miles (ran 1.1, walked 1.3)

Week 2
2/25/08 - 2.5 miles (ran 1.3, walked 1.2)
2/28/08 - 2.5 miles (ran 1.3, walked 1.2)
3/1/08 - 2.5 miles (ran 1.3, walked 1.2) *slept in by mistake, but went on my own anyway!

week 3
3/3/08 - 2.7 miles (ran 1.5, walked 1.2)
3/4/08 - 1.7 miles (ran 1, walked .7) *went on my own, but was pretty exhausted, so cut it short.
3/6/08 - 2.7 miles (ran 1.5, walked 1.2)

I'm working on getting my base mileage (running) up to 3 miles. Starting March 30th, we will start the official training plan which should help us get ready to run the full 13.1 miles. Two of our girls are injured and running in the pool. (They did too much, too fast), but hoping to be ready by then.


  1. Great work. I hope that I'll be hearing from you more often. It really is a release for me to see what you all are doing and also to take some time and write what I am doing.

  2. Tag your it Carrie! Got one for you to do on my blog.