Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hit 5 miles today!

Okay, so I have been continuing my training but have not been journaling here. I think I need to make a renewed effort so that I can find the right balance of diet and length to optimize my training. Here's the stats that are from memory:

5/20/08 - 2 miles (ran it all) neighborhood (thought I was going to die going up the hills, but felt great the rest of the time)
5/24/08 - 2 miles (ran it all) Track (felt great!)
5/25/08 - 2.5 miles (ran it all) track (felt pretty good, but was tired)
5/27/08 - 2.5 miles (ran it all) track (felt great!)
4/1/08 - 3 miles (ran it all!) track (felt great, even like I could do more)
4/3/08 - 3.25 miles (ran it all and that .25 makes a difference!) track (felt good, but really tuckered out for the last 2-3 laps, started getting sore in pelvic bone and started running the opposite direction for those laps)
4/5/08 - 5.? miles (ran most, but had to walk some) neighborhood (I started out very slow and my legs felt like lead. It eased up as we went further. Was a big mental battle.)

My friend, Trisha, was telling me that there are certain foods that if she eats the night before a run, she really struggles the next day. So, I am going to keep track of any meals before the run now:

4/4/08 - Dinner - Penne noodles w/ alfredo sauce from Olive Garden, fresh fruit (pineapple, grapes, cantelope, honeydew), a few carrots. I may have had a muffin and some milk later on, can't quite remember!
4/5/08 - I piece of wheat bread w/ PB & cup of tropical fresh fruit smoothie/drink 40 minutes before run

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