Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm here!

So, I haven't been posting on here, but I am still working on things. Taylor and I have overhauled our diet and I am working on the exercise thing as we get ready for our cruise in April. It's official ... we're leaving April 3rd. So that gives me exactly three months to get into cruise shape! I have been anxiously awaiting Chalene Johnson's new program, which is coming out just in time for the cruise. It's a 3 month program that switches it up each month to get optimal results. What's also cool is I can use my own cardio or use the cardio she has. This was I can work on my running, since I am still wanting to do the Odgen half again in May. Here's the website which has some info on the system:

There is a nutrition plan that comes with it. I'd like to compare it to what we are doing and see if there is anything we can add to what we are currently doing.

They had a test group going on this program the past year (one of the girls that was part of it goes to a message board I frequent) and they got some amazing results. Here is a page with their pictures:

Now, they got to work out with Chalene in the studio and they followed a very regimented diet plan (they each had a nutritionist set up a plan for their body). So their results were extreme. But I think I can get the results I am looking for. (Feel good, have lot of energy, be able to walk all day during our shore excursions, etc.)

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