Wednesday, December 31, 2008

3rd day of CLX

And I'm feeling great. Just got done with BC2 woooo, that sure worked me. What I really like is that the moves are way challenging, but I don't have to do 2-3 sets. The pushups at the end are the only set I couldn't complete fully, but I tried my best!

Also, I've have been way on track with my eating. I've planned all my meals and prepared snacks and so far it's been great. In fact, since Sunday the scale is down 5.2 lbs! I won't officially record until Monday, since I know sometimes there is a big drop and then it settles back up. But I am very happy with things. So far there has not been that "dread" factor. I am sooooooo excited for the cruise, so I think that is really helping keep me motivated. Maybe I just need to go on a cruise once a year and then run a half marathon 6 months later, so I'm always working towards a big goal!!!

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  1. WOW Carrie! 5.2 lbs That is great!!! I am so proud of you. Keep it up.