Monday, December 29, 2008

First day of Chalean Extreme!

Today is the official start for my 12 week rotation of Chalean Extreme. This month is called "Burn" and this morning I did Burn Circuit 1. It is a strength workout that is just over 35 minutes long. I'm tracking the weights I'm using, because you're supposed to fatigue between the 10-12th rep. On about half of the exercises I'll need to pyramid up next time. That was encouraging, because it made me realize just how strong I am!!!

One of the things I love about this program are the extra materials that came with it. Usually those "add-ons" are just junk, but not with this one. There is a guidebook that talks you through all the aspects of getting ready for, form and recording results. Last night, Taylor and I took pictures, measurements, weight, and the fit test. It is designed to do every 30 days so you can see the results. Then I went through the recipe book and planned out meals through next Monday ... I'm talking every meal. I am getting ready to go shopping in a bit. I think having it all laid out will leave less wiggle room. I'm glad I like most of the recipes because it made it very easy to plan and create a shopping list.

Anywho ... I am going to update some info here giving the details for this new rotation.

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  1. Way to go Carrie. I love seeing you being so proactive with your health. I know that if you stay commmitted you WILL reach your goals! Inspire me Carrie!