Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chalean Extreme

Got it!!!!!! Okay, you are gonna think I am totally OCD, but I took pictures. I have been anticipating this set for a while now. Now that I know this is my cruise gettin' in shape set, I think it makes it even that more enticing to me. So here it is ...

This is the cute box it came in

Open it up and ... oh so appealing!

Here are the bands, gloves, fat calliper, etc. I used a purple band like then in physical therapy after the car accident. I didn't ever think of it as anything and through it away!

That box you see when you first open the package is a sleeve that contains these three books. Two are actually books (Fat Burning Food Guide & Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook) and one holds the DVDs.

Haven't read through all the recipes yet, but there are lots of scrumptious pictures. I'm a visual person, so it is very appealing to me. (I keep using that word!!!)

Here's a picture of the inside of the guidebook. It is just that ... guides you through the programs. From how to take before and after picture (lighting, poses, etc.) to how to perform the moves to rotations. Love, love, love the pictures and design. very APPEALING!

This is the inside of the DVD holder.

Open it again and you get this. There are 7 DVDs and one audio CD.

You can get all the details of the program here: I can't wait to try these out!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I am excited for you. I may have to follow suit and slurge myself on that. It looks like a great package. And with 7 DVD's maybe my life won't struggle if I lose a DVD due to scratching. But let's just hope we've lost all the one's we are going to.

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