Monday, March 9, 2009

Getting Closer!

Happy Monday! Today is my official weigh in. Will you believe that I lost 6.2 lbs this week? So I lost those 2 lbs. of bloat from last week and then some!!! I am just in amazement. It's been over 3 years since I've been this weight. Another 13 lbs. and I'll be in territory I haven't been for 10 years!!! (From before I had Aubrey.) What's really cool is that I had a wedding this weekend. I totally had my cake and the yummy meal, but I prepared by eating well up to the wedding and then immediately after. It was so nice to enjoy the celebration guilt free!

Today starts week 2 of LEAN for me. I gotta tell you that these workouts scare me, in a good way ... kinda! ;) I can see why this is the month that makes everything happen. Those first two months, I just THOUGHT I was working hard!!!


  1. Hi- I found a link to your blog thru VF. I am doing CLX too and hoping for some weight loss. You have done so well! Have you followed the CLX eating plan or have you modified it or done your own thing completely in regards to eating? Congrats on having all your hard work showing up on the scale!


  2. Hi Liz and welcome to my blog! Good luck with your weightloss ... I am just loving CLX. I am following the nutrition guide. I have altered recipes from the book to fit our liking and adapted fav recipes of ours to fit within the same range. I allow myself cheats, but try to keep it minimal. For me the eating part really is 80% of it. Take this last week for example, I didn't get in all of the workouts because I got sick, but I got in everything I could and stayed on top of my eating and had a great weigh in today.

    One thing I am really getting is we just CAN'T compare ourselves to others. I have had some downs where I have felt really low and like I'm not making progress ... almost always it has stemmed or grown when I start comparing my progress to someone else's. I definitely think we can find inspiration through others success. But there's totally a difference.

  3. Carrie you are doing so well. I think that I need to keep up on my friends fitness Blogs better. I find myself not wanting to work out as much and I find it inspiring to see how well you all are doing. When I think about how much I have left to go until I reach my goal weight I am able to push though. I can't wait until I can just work on maintaining weight!