Monday, June 9, 2008

30 by 30 Week 3

6/9/08 -
Exercie - Yes
Okay, so my shin has been feeling better this past week, so I decided to go running with the girls this morning. It the first run for most of us since the half. We ran three miles (including a grueling hill) and while my lungs felt like exploding, I did it! We walked about .3 miles after the hill but other than that we ran the whole thing!

3 miles
saucony shoes - 89.5 miles

Nutrition - Yes

Doing great! I got off track of entering my food over the weekend, but I did really well despite that. On Friday night I had dinner at my sister's house and the tortillas she had were made with white flour, but they were fresh ones, so I had it anyway. Saturday, Taylor and the kids got ice cream. I figured I would have some as well, but I actually didn't feel like it, so I passed it up! THAT is SOMEthing. I would never pass it up before! ;) I really don't feel limited and it is so nice to to crave sugar all of the time.

Overall I am so pleased with how things are going. It is so motivating to see the weight moving down. I can't wait to see what my body does when I combine the running with weight training this week.

6/10/08 -
6/11/08 -
6/12/08 -
6/13/08 -
6/14/08 -
6/15/08 -

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  1. You are my inspiration, Carrie! I am trying to get fit also, but I don't run. Nursing and my size E cup don't run. But I walk and have lost about 12 lbs. since having Esme. Another 40 to go!