Tuesday, June 3, 2008

30 by 30 Week 2

6/2/08 -
Exercie - No
I could blame it on the sore shin, which is still sore. But really, I was going to get in a strength workout ... but just kept putting it off until there was no more time left.

Nutrition - Yes

I'm pretty happy with my eating ... it's motivating to be losing weight so fast. It really discourages the cravings to cheat. I didn't plan dinner very well and we didn't get to eat until after I helped Stacey unload the van. We didn't end up eating until after 9pm ... way too late! But I ate within my guidelines.

6/3/08 -
Exercie - Yes
I just got done doing PS Back, Biceps and Abs (PS BBA). It felt good to get in my workout for the day. I love doing strength training ... no dread factor there.

Nutrition - Yes

I had a yogurt this morning and realized that it has high fructose corn syrup. It was weird, because I noticed has it tasted sickeny sweet. It's funny because I have eaten this yogurt for years. Funny how a week and a half of no extra sugars and corn syrups changes the way things taste.

6/4/08 -
Exercie - Yes
I did PS SLA and was so much stronger doing it this week vs. last week. It's all leg work (lunges, squats, floorwork, etc.) and is pretty killer. I had to turn it off before getting to the ab work since I was running out of time (had to run Mom to the chiro) but I got in a great workout! I think I'll do my other upper body strength workout tomorrow and see how my shin feels for running on Friday.

Nutrition - Yes

Did well! I had some lobster bisque soup from Zupas and realized later that it probably had white flour in it (since it's cream based). Besides that I did really well. Made homemade pizza with a wheat crust and it was really good. I had major cravings last night ... not for unhealthy food necessarily, but just to eat. I knew I wasn't hungry, just up late (we were up until 12:30 watching a movie). I pushed through and didn't give in. Felt great to come out the winner!

6/5/08 -
Exercie - Yes
Just got done doing PS CST. Went very well ... this one is the shortest workout of the three and it just zoomed by!

Nutrition - Yes

6/6/08 -
6/7/08 -
6/8/08 -

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