Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday check-in

I did 1.75 miles at the Alta track. My shin started bugging me slightly so while I was going for 2, I decided to baby that shin because of how it's been in the past. I was kind of discouraged, but hope that easing into my runs will help it to get stronger.

Taylor and the kids came down as well and brought their bike and scooter. We hung around a little when I was done as they are finishing putting in artificial turf. It was kind of interesting to watch. We saw a family from our ward and the head coach and his wife. Guess they have a scimage game on Saturday, so they've got to hurry up! Also, I saw another family in the ward on their back deck ... their house back ups to the track. (Hi Kandi!!!) It sure helped to get the run in to have all the pleasant distractions!

8/11/08 - 1.75 miles
Saucony shoes - 100.25 miles

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