Saturday, March 6, 2010

4 mile run

I was a little worried with all the snow we had yesterday that I wouldn't be able to run outside today, but luckily it was warm enough that most of the snow melted so I was able to run outside. I ran on a trail by the train tracks, which I've only done on a bike before. I went back and forth between struggling and feeling powerful, so overall I would say I was right in the middle. I felt a HUGE relief once I got to the two mile mark, because I turned around and ran back, it felt good to be running back to the car instead of away from it!!! Isn't running such a mental thing?

When I struggled, I tried to look and my body (mentally obviously!) mechanically, thinking about the powerful ME that is trying to come out.

3/6/10 - 4 miles
2010 -15 miles

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