Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's definitely hump day!

Despite all the opposition, we got out of bed this morning at 6 and ran two miles at the track. The difference in the way my body felt today vs. Monday was night and day. I struggled to run and my lungs were burning. My whole body was sluggish. I had to walk a lap halfway through. But I DID IT! I know from the past that there are going to be days like this and it is the days like Monday that keep me going! And the satisfaction I feel having finished the workout that was such a mental struggle (it's like saying, "take THAT" to all those pesky thoughts!)

Possible reasons for the sluggishness:
  • Key lime pie last night - I had a small slice before bed and even though it was in my calorie range, maybe the sugar was still in my system. Dinner was whole wheat spaghetti with a meat sauce. I think that should be good fuel.
  • My body might be recovering - Monday was my first run for a week, so my body was completely fresh. Starting out this morning, I still had some tightness in my muscles and really needed to stretch before and after. My body is getting used to more regular routines.

It's not:

  • Sleep - I slept really well and went to bed at a pretty decent hour (10:30pm). I have been experiencing insomnia, but I've noticed the running is helping (which is a big reason why I got up this morning, because I know I will sleep well tonight)
  • Stretching - Like I said before I've been really stretching out especially when I notice the tightness.
  • Weather - it was warmer (slightly) today than Monday and was quite nice.

So, I'm just going to push through. Saturday we are planning 4 miles, so I think I will take Friday off or just walk 1 mile on the treadmill to stay loose. Tomorrow I will do a little run on the treadmill.

3/3/10 - 2 miles
2010 -11 miles

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