Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling Strong!

Last week a wash ... too much going on with poor planning on my part. But it was a fun week (Aubrey's bday and bday party!) I realize that I need to really look at my week and make time for exercise, because it's not ever going to just be convenient. Also, I have been having a hard time with insomnia so that makes it hard to get up early when you can't get to sleep until after 3 or 4am.

This week is a new week and I feeling strong and determined to do this thing! Taylor and I prepared last night (all our running gear) and I went to bed early (10:45pm) with only a little anxiety that I wouldn't be able to sleep. I DID sleep and woke up ready to go this morning. I planned for a did 2 miles (just a little over). On my last run (which was a week ago) I alternated running and walking every other lap. I just couldn't manage to run more than that as my lungs felt like they were burning. Today I aimed to run two laps, but ended up running it all except for a lap to warm up and a lap to cool down. I could just breath and it felt GOOD!!! Ahhhhhh, what a feeling. I would like to do some yoga this afternoon to make sure I really stretch out (I did that after my 3 miles and that really helped with recovery). Today really encouraged me for the plans that I have ... GO ME!

2/18/10 - 1.5 miles
2/20/10 - 3 miles
3/1/10 - 2 miles
2010 - 8 miles

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