Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm excited!

Okay, so you may or may not know that I bought a body bugg to help keep track of the calories burned. This is the same thing they use on the Biggest Loser. My issue in using it has come with the fact that to really utilize it for weight loss you have to track your food intake. I hate trying to remember to get to the computer and remembering to enter the food I eat. I found an app for my ipod touch through this website: http://www.livestrong.com/. So now I can easily enter my food on the ipod, which I keep with me everywhere I go and then at night I can enter my total intake for the day. PRETTY COOL!

Last night I wanted to have a snack, so I checked my calorie intake vs. what I actually burned and could quiltlessly have a snack (100 calorie swiss roll and milk)! What an empowering feeling!

Other cool apps/tools I've found to use on my ipod:
  • Nike Plus for Ipod - How did I ever run without this before? So the nike plus attaches to your shoe (Nike wants you to buy their special shoes that have a secret place for it, but I cheated and bought a pouch so I can wear my own shoes). My ipod alread had the nike plus receiver built in, so I only need the $19 attachment for the shoe. I open the app on my ipod when I am ready to run, pick my running playlist and start the workout. At any point and can hit the button and it tells me how far I have run, how long it has taken, and (this is VERY cool) what my current pace is. Then when I come home and sync my ipod, it puts the info on the nike plus website and set goals, see progress, share with friends/facebook, etc. Such un inexpensive tool (if you already have an ipod) with such great tools!
  • Total Fit by imapmyrun - This is what I was using before I got the Nike Plus chip. It was nice, but would have been much better if I had the iphone. Basically takes the MapMyRun and puts it on your ipod. If you have an iphone, you can have it record your run by GPS, which would be really cool! But, since my ipod can only connect to the website when I have a wireless signal, the obviously doesn't work when I am out running! I did log my runs after I finished, but now that I have nike plus I probably won't keep up with this site.

I laugh when I get ready to go for a run, because I feel like I am totally hooked up between my body bugg, ipod and watch! But I am all about tools to help me be successful!

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