Monday, May 5, 2008

12 more days!

Only 12 more days until the 1/2 marathon. Here is a description of the marathon (us halfers are starting at mile 13.1):

The start of the Ogden Marathon is just below the red Rock Outfitters Ranch which is located 8 miles east of Huntsville on Highway 39. The start elevation is 5400 feet. here, runners will enjoy music, warm fires and plenty of Porta Johns.

Runners will quickly understand why the Ogden Marathon is coined "Utah's Spring Run-Off." Runners will enjoy the easy, gradual descent down Highway 39 following the South Fork of the Ogden River and passing numerous campgrounds. The course flattens out at about mile 6 and runners will pass the first marathon relay exchange at mile marker 7. At mile 8, the course turns north onto Highway 166.

The next 5.1 miles are relatively flat with several long stretches. Runners will begin running around the east and north side of Pineview Reservoir. Spectacular views of the late, Ogden valley, Snowbasin Ski Resort and numerous horse properties with old, rustic barns will be enjoyed along the way. The second relay station (for the start of the third leg) is at mile 13.1 and the start line for the half-marathon. This start line/relay exchange is at Eden Park and will feature much of the same vibe as the marathon start line with warming fires, music and partying. This is a popular spectator spot. be sure to check out the historic buildings including JM Wilbur & son General Blacksmithing on the left and the Eden general Store and historical church straight ahead on the right.

MILE 13.1 TO MILE 17
Runners will head west again. Views of Wolf Mountain Ski Resort (formally Nordic Valley) can be seen on the right side of the mountain. At approximately mile 14, runners will encounter the only real hill on the course. Fortunately, it is only a half-mile long and is a gradual climb. Runners will be rewarded with full views of Pineview Reservoir at the top. The next several miles head south along the east side of the lake. Runners cross Pineview Dam at mile 17 and begin the biggest descent of the course.

The 6 miles from the dam of Pineview Reservoir to the mouth of Ogden Canyon account for almost 65% (approximately 617 feet) of the total elevation drop. This is definitely one of the runners' favorite legs of the race. Runners now will run along the roaring Ogden River in beautiful Ogden Canyon. Breathtaking views of pine-covered slopes changing into steep rock faces will be encountered along with quaint homes nestled along the river's edge. the third relay exchange point (for the start of the fourth leg) located at The Oaks restaurant will be passed at mile 18. The Oaks rest stop is always one of the runners' favorites with loud music, volunteers in costume and funny signs and banners. another point of interest this section is the Indian Trailhead located on the left at Coldwater Canyon (approximately mile 21). Leaving Ogden Canyon at mile 22, runners will pass the Ogden waterfall located on the right side of the Ogden River and the hot springs on the left side.

At the mouth of Ogden canyon, runners will turn and enter onto the Ogden River Parkway which runners will follow for approximately 3 miles. The fourth and last relay exchange occurs here at mile 23.1 just before the Dinosaur Park. Along the parkway, runners may encounter walkers, bikers, fishermen or families enjoying the parks. Only one mile of the course is run in an urban setting on the final stretch from the parkway to the finish line at Grant Avenue and Historic 25th Street. Once on Grant avenue, the finish line will come into view.

Here's the map is you want to see:

Robin I got up early this morning to run 4 miles. I was exhausted! It's been a while since we got up so early. I struggled to have enough energy (note to self, must bring energy gels next time). Robin forgot to take her Alleve and was experiencing pain. We didn't want to push it too far, so we ended up doing 3 miles. She's really struggling with the injuries she had and now she's doubting her ability to run it. I hope that she can do it, but it certainly wouldn't be worth major injury.

5/5/2008 - 3 miles

I need to start keeping track of the mileage I am putting on my shoes.

Saucony shoes: 62.75 miles


  1. I so wish I could be there to suppost you! I know that it would be motivating to me to see it and then decide to do it too. Who knows maybe my sister won't graduate and I can come. Anyway keep it up you are awesome!

  2. When did you start this hole running thing? I think it's great!