Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A couple of pictures

I got some pictures from Triscia ...

This is the night before waiting for dinner. Triscia is in the very front. Middle row is Robin, Whitney (she let us stay at her house ... THANKS!), me and Sarah. Back row is Paige, Sherry and Emalia.

This is at about 4am as we are heading down to load the buses. From left to right it's Triscia, Sarah, Me, Paige and Robin.

You can kind of see us here. Robin and I coming out of the canyon. I'm in the hot pink shirt.

This is me crossing the finish line. If you zoom in you will see I look ready to die!


  1. That looks like a good time. Can I come? Well then again maybe not quite. I'd like to come play, but I am not quite up for the running part yet.

  2. These are great pictures! ;-) Congrats again on your accomplishment!! Are you planning on running any more halfs? I'm running a 10K with my Dad and cousin this sat. down in Provo. :-)

  3. carrie it has been a long time so hi from stacie garn. I tried losing 30 by 30 too but didn't quite make it. But i also wasn't running marathons, your'e awesome! Hey i have a friend in our new ward, just behind where you used to live who would like to meet you. Her name is Tara Horton and she was one of the 1st people on the scene of your accident. She said she is the one who held up aubrey's head until the paramedics got there. She thought you were dead and needless to say was ecstatic when I said I knew you should would love to maybe get together at the park sometime. east midvale just put in an awesome park and is a great place for the kids to play you can send me a message through my blog, jandsgarnfamily.blogspot.com, or call 801-566-3132.