Tuesday, May 27, 2008

30 by 30 Week 1

5/26/08 -
Exercie - Yes
Cathe's Pure Strength Chest, Shoulders and Triceps (PS CST) plus 10 minute of Ab work
  • Was not too hard ... have a better idea of which weights to start with next time
  • I made it through every rep of the ab work which surprised me!
  • Feeling nicely worked the day after
Nutrition - Yes
Stayed on track (even passed on the pancake breakfast at the church!) No real cravings. If anything, my calories were too low

Exercie - Yes
Running 15 minutes, walking 35 minutes
I set out to run for 45 minutes (which would be approx. 3 miles) but my right shin was pretty sore. I could tell I was limping as I ran to compensate and didn't want to aggravate it or get another injury. Walking felt good, so I cranked up the ipod and tried to keep a good pace going.

Nutrition - Yes
Went shopping today and bought most of my food from the produce section and frozen foods. Got some natural and/or organics of some of my favs (ranch, PB) which didn't have the corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils. I did eat after 8pm, but I got back from my run/walk at 9pm and needed some more fuel so I had some PB on bread with a banana. I'll have to update that rule to be now late night snacking unless I am exercising late.

Exercie - Yes
PS Strong Legs and Abs (PS SLA)
This was 64 minutes that kicked my butt! I definitely have lots of room for improvement on this one. I had to be careful with my sore right shin, but beyond that it was just hard. I was feeling so low on energy even just doing the warm up. I was using relatively light weight

Nutrition - Yes
Had a couple of hurdles that I soared over. First was going out to dinner with one of the people I am coaching. I thought about what I wanted to get ahead of time, so I wouldn't be tempted to get something outside of my eating plan (I'm saving my free meal for Saturday with my sisters). We went to Hoppers and I totally passed on the fresh homemade bread (it looked so YUMMY but was white) and I got an Oriental Chicken Salad. It was very yummy. Then last night I had strong, STRONG cravings for anything and everything. It was weird, because I knew that I really wasn't hungry, I just wanted to eat. I was glad to go to sleep to get away from the cravings. Nights are always my weak point, but I prevailed!

Exercie - Rest Day
I think I'm going to change things a bit until my shin is completely healed (it's still bugging me). I am going to low impact aerobics on my running days. once it feels strong, then I will start running again. I've got my nephews now, so I'll do my workout this afternoon.

Nutrition - Yes

5/30/08 - 6/1/08
I went up to Logan for the weekend. I stuck to my nutritional goals, though there were some temptations. I did have about 5 bites of a yummy ice cream at the Mexican Restaurant on Saturday night. I had planned one cheat meal, and didn't actually want to cheat for the meal (weight loss was so motivating!) but allowed myself the ice cream.

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