Thursday, November 6, 2008

Feeling great!

So last night was a late night for me as I didn't get home until 11 and then it took a while to wind down. When I scheduled my workouts this week, I made the choice of when to workout and told myself there were no exceptions. Last night when it came time to get ready for bed, I noticed those familiar thoughts come in (like, just sleep in and do in later in the day ...) and I simply thought, "No, you already decided."

This morning when the alarm went off, I thought, "Oh I'll just sleep in." But then I remembered again and said, "Nope I can sleep later." So, it might not sound like much, but for these last three months I have been letting myself be ruled by my procrastination and reasons and I'm feeling victorious today for coming out on top!

There was a discussion on a message board I visit on how to get used to exercising in the morning. There's a woman on there who shared how she has done it for the past 20 years ... consistently. She said she made the choice in 1987 to workout unless she was deathly ill and to schedule it into her week. She said she sets the alarm clock and does not allow for any of those thoughts to come. She does not use snooze on the alarm clock. She said that just one time you choose to sleep in or one time you hit the snooze, it makes it that much easier to do it the next time. I was so impressed by her determination and thought, I can totally do that.

So, today was a major battle for me in winning this war!

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  1. Way to go. That is a triumph even if no one believe's that is. Way to go!