Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Snow Day!

So I got up this morning to go run with Robin, but she called at 5:45 to say, "Did you look outside?!?" Yup there was snow. We actually have run in the snow before (and hail and rain) but Robin's current shoes have holes in them. So we decided to forgo today until she gets new shoes. I sleep until 6:30 and then got up to do my workout on the treadmill. I was going for 45 minutes, but I stopped at 30 minutes, because I was having a lot of back pain.

I've been pretty achy in my lower back where I broke my pelvic bone and they inserted a big screw. When the weather changes, it gets more achy. So I was glad we didn't go down to the track and that I could listen to my body. And I DID get in a good 30 minutes!

10/6/08 - 1.75 miles
Saucony shoes - 127 miles

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  1. Way to go. Due to the snow I am resting today and planning for five miles tomorrow.