Thursday, April 10, 2008

4 miles? Piece of cake!

Well, maybe not exactly, but I DID run 4 miles this morning, and I'm NOT about to die! Robyn and I went on our own to the track this morning, since we are slower that the others and don't have the same time constraints. We wanted to run 4, but were also knowing we needed to listen to our bodies so we don't overdo it. So, the alarm goes off at 5:25 am, and I think there is NO way I'm getting up, but I did. I'm so sluggish getting going when I don't get enough sleep (note to self: GO TO BED EARLY!!!) so it started out really slow. Before we knew it we had already run 2.5 miles. We walked one lap and then ran the rest of the way. What an amazing feeling to run for that long (about an hour or so ... like I said we are SLOW runners!) and not feel like we were going to keel over!

4/10/08 - 4 miles (track) walked .25 of it

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