Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lesson learned ...

Okay, so drum roll ... I didn't run 8 miles last night. But, I learned a VALUABLE lesson. One called, eating 1 hour before a run is NOT enough time!

So, I ate a nice healthy dinner (home made stir fry with rice) and planned to eat exactly one hour before we would run. My long runs have been on Saturday mornings and I always had a piece of PB toast and 1/2 a banana 30 minutes before the run and had good results ... so I thought one hour ahead for dinner would be ample. Well, dinner must take longer to digest. I got about 2 1/2 miles into the run and started getting horrible waves of nausea. I had no choice but to stop and walk. Robin, was feeling pretty sore and had no problem stopping with me. I thought a short walk would help me, but it didn't get better, in fact it got worse. It wasn't the flu kind of nauseous ... but still no piece of cake. My friend Triscia, who got me into this, started the run with us. She told me that for her, she gives at least two hours before running to have a meal (unless it's small like the toast before a morning run). So, I will now take that under advisement and never make THAT mistake again!

I feel okay about it. I had pangs of disappointment, but ultimately, I know that I need to listen to my body, and it was beyond my control to run those eight miles. I know that if I had not been nauseous, I would have gotten the run in. And I know, I did the best that I could to prepare for the run ... sometimes we just have to learn lessons the hard way!

So, Robin and I are planning to do another 4 or 5 mile run on Wednesday and then go for 8-9 on Saturday.

4/28 - 4.5 miles (ran 2.5, walked 2) Porter Rockwell Trail

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  1. Thank you so much for the update. I am SO PROUD of you! I also know that it was probably hard not to pound on yourself, but good job for being able to let it go and move on. Way to go!!!