Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This is for yesterday, actually ...

Yesterday I ran with Robin around the track. She and I run at the same pace (most people could probably walk faster than we run!) so that works out nicely. It was pretty hard to get going, but got better as we went on. I had hoped to do 4 miles, but it didn't happen. My shins have been bugging me and I didn't want to injure myself. I am getting bugged because I have yet to lose one pound. In fact, I put on a couple of pounds. So, I'm keeping track of my food again over at, since this helps me stay more accountable. I am not restricting necessarily, but going for a balanced diet under 2200 calories with more complex carbs and fresh fruits and veggies. Less sugar and refined stuff. How's that for a plan?!?! I'm sure the weight will work out at some point, and I really don't want to focus on that. It's really about being healthy.

4/9/08 - 2.5 miles (walked just over .25 of it)


  1. Good for you Carrie I wish we could get our schedules together so we could work out together but it is so hard with so many kids.

  2. Yea!!! Carrie is back blogging. I have to admit I haven't checked your blog in quite a while because I figure that it will not be anything new. I love to read, but I hate checking blogs that don't seem to move. So WAY TO GO! See you tomorrow!