Monday, April 14, 2008

Homemade Wheat Bread

My friend, Catherine, sent an email asking for the recipe I use to make bread. I found the same recipe online (I didn't want to type it up if I didn't have to!) ...

Foolproof Wheat Bread

I do the large batch in my Bosch machine and make about 5 loaves (not the six it says). I brush a little butter over the top of each loaf after I take them out of the pans. When the bread is lukewarm (not hot), I slice each loaf and put them in bags. Putting it in the bags slightly warm creates just a bit of condensation that keep the bread so soft (but not yucky soggy!) I freeze all but one loaf. It is definitely yummy, soft, scrumptious wheat bread!


  1. Thanks for the receipe. I'll have to try it out. The receipe from the Bosch store isn't working so well for me these days so thanks. Also I need the receipe for the fruit dip. I remember it was easy, but I don't remember all that was involved. Kent and I had a game night with couples in the ward Sunday and we had all chocolate treats. I think we need some healty variety!

  2. P.S. I loved the great variety of food we had last Thursday. I thought it went so well!