Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun and more!

What a fun week. Two birthdays and Halloween! Doesn't get much better than that. In our family we have a tradition of having a spooky Halloween Dinner (think low lights, Halloween music & decor and food that doesn't look like it's edible!) We found some great recipes this year.

On the menu: Rotten Teeth, Worms, Juicy Eyeballs, Salty Bones & Blood, Mummies and Witch's Brew with Decapitated Hands!

Here's and up close of some of the recipes. Click the link to find the recipes:

They were all pretty easy to make, except for the worms. Removing the worms from the straws was tough, but luckily Taylor helped me with that. Trick or Treating was fun ... not too cold and only a few light sprinkles. Here's our fam:

Check out an up-close shot of my eye lashes (fake eye lashes=best thing eva!)

These are some of the fun things we like to do, what are your favorite Halloween traditions?

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