Friday, October 8, 2010

Nothing Tastes as Good as ...

Healthy feels!
It's not about being skinny. Let me repeat it's not about being skinny. I remind myself this because if I let myself get stuck on my weight, I will never be happy.

Our bodies are machines, beautiful, miraculous machines. We wouldn't put watered down gas in our cars, so why do we fuel our bodies with junk? I've been coming from this view and I gotta tell you, it really works. Binge eating, emotional eating ... it doesn't feel good. It hurts my body and my spirit.

Take a moment a picture the healthy you you want to be. What does it look like? (And I'm not talking a number on the scale.) For me, I picture someone with a smile on her face who can run and play with the kids. I feel the freedom to move and do the things I am passionate about without being held back. I picture someone who is confident and uplifts everyone around her.

Happiness, playful, freedom, passionate, confident, uplifting. That is the me I chose to be.

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