Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's All About Planning

Life gets crazy, there's always something. If we sit around waiting for things to calm down before we start eating healthy, we'll be waiting forEVER.

I came across this great article from (loving this site lately!) about planning (AND preparing) your meals throughout the week. Ialways tend to do my planning on Sunday night. And if for some reason I miss it, it throws me off. So instead of having ONE night to plan and prep, spreading it throughout the week will lessen the load and allow for more success!

Here are some of the tips that help me stick to my plan:
  • Plan menu (not just dinners). Normally I will set my dinners, but then have 2-3 breakfast & lunch choices to choose from and an assortment of snacks. This helps me to feel like I still have the freedom to choose.
  • Prepare snacks. If I haven't pre-measured or cut up my snacks, chances are I won't grab for them. It's all about convenience.
  • Put snacks where I can see them. I read this tip a while back & it is one of the best. The concept is, you will eat what you can see. So instead of hiding the veggies in the drawer, put them prepared on the shelf at eye level. In the pantry, keep the eye-level shelf free for grab-n-go snacks!
  • Stick with what works. Everytime I get a book with a new nutrition plan, they always seem to have a different choice for every meal. If you are spending each meal looking up the recipe and preparing your food, it's won't be long before you fall back into old nutrition habits. (Again, convenience!) Instead add a few new recipes on days you know you have the time, but for the rest of the time stick with what you know you like. Also, plan leftovers into your weekly menu.
  • Plan ahead for special occassions. Seems like food is everywhere from parties to meetings to sporting events. Decide when you want to splurge and plan accordingly.
  • Don't shop when you're hungry! 'nough said.
Here's to making a plan and sticking to it!

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