Friday, September 10, 2010

Make Today a Brighter Day

Do you ever have gloomy days where it seems like everything is just a little off? Why not stop the trend and create a day you can enjoy. I love these ideas on Creating a Brighter Day:

  1. Push Back Curtains/Up The Blinds Completely all the way for a full view of outdoors (this includes no matter what the weather is outside--sun, rain, sleet, or snow)
  2. Turn off the Television and Turn On Uplifiting Music at a moderate volume (if you do not have a radio or other source for music, most televisions have a music channel: therefore, the t.v. may stay on only for the purpose of music)
  3. Look through your linen closet for the brightest, most colorful, or favorite throw blanket and drape it over the back of your couch where it is in full view for you to look at preferrably near a window.
  4. Be further creative and if you have colorful throw pillows, and/or fresh or artifical flowers place them around the room you are in with your throw blanket.
  5. Grab any candle you can find and lit it up on your coffee table or kitchen table.
Now, realax! Sit on your couch glaze at the outside or look around at the new color in your home listen to the beautiful music. (Busy day? Schedule your "me" time ... it is so neccessary!) Let yourself daydream. If it is raining out-how cozy and warm you feel inside. If it is sleeting or snowing-how pretty and wonderful to be home. If it is sunny-how beautiful outside and inside my home.

Extra ideas: pick up a bit of paint and return home and designate one wall only in your home as a focal point and paint it a pastel, easy color (not hard on eyes) ex: pale yellow, pale seafoam green, creamy butternut, light coral, and feel free to mix colors and try some sponging which is easy to do with an old rag.


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