Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ladies, Look at Your Man, Now Back at Me!

Have you seen this commercial? It's hilarious!

Love it! He recently did an interview on Jay Leno and talked about how he stays in such great shape. Guess what his answer was??? P90X!

The story is here:

You’ve seen him in the shower, riding a horse, on a yacht and other exotic locales as the shirtless pitchman in the Emmy-nominated Old Spice body wash commercials. Guess how he got (and keeps) the body that has helped make him instantly recognizable?


Isaiah Mustafa, the 36 year-old model, actor and former NFL wide receiver is everywhere lately - online, in print and on TV, including an appearance this week on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. One of the questions everyone asks him is how he keeps his body looking so great. Thankfully, he isn’t shy about sharing his secret!

“I’m fortunate enough to work out with Tony Horton of P90X fame and he keeps me ripped,” Isaiah replied to Jay Leno’s question about his ripped bod. Isaiah then spent a healthy chunk of his precious couch time outlining the P90X nutrition plan that helps deliver such buzz-worthy results, impressing both Jay Leno and Eva Mendes.

Though he trains in person with Tony Horton twice a week, Isaiah has been a devoted P90X-er for over three years, adhering to the nutrition plan and intense total body workout that has helped him transform his body and his career. In addition to his Old Spice gig, he just landed a role in the upcoming film “Horrible Bosses,” starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.

Maybe it takes a bottle of body wash to smell like him, but if you want to look like Isaiah, you gotta BRING IT
Awwwww, now I really want to get this program! Hubby and I are thinking of doing this rotation together ... anyone want to join us?

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