Tuesday, September 28, 2010

rOCkTOBER Fit Club

I love fall ... love it, love it, love it! My birthday is in October along with Halloween. It seems that October just really kicks off the holiday season. As much as I love it, there's always that one part of me that wonders if I will have that typical "holiday weight gain" this year. Some studies show that people gain between 5-10 lbs. from October to December. Well, I'm putting my foot down. Not this year, not any more!

To kick off the season right, I've started a rOCkTOBER Fit Club over on facebook. You pick your goals (weight lose, eat healthy, tone up, etc.) and share your progress weekly (or more). I know I always have better results when I'm not in it alone, so come join me and let's rock this thing!I'll be giving away a workout DVD and Shakeology sample on November 1st to those who actively participate! 

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