Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Pioneer Day!

Whew, just got done doing all 57 minutes of Firm Cardio (FC)! I have been in the mood to get a nice long total body workout in and just wasn't up to it yesterday. Glad I could do it today! I did modify and cut out a few reps here and there so I could keep up.

I need to try to get an earlier start. When I began I was getting out of bed right after the alarm. Today, I didn't do my workout until after 10am. When I do it later, it just cuts into my day and with Braden being awake, well, let's just say he's a BIG helper! Of course tomorrow will be hard because we'll be up late tonight watching fireworks.

Snacking was good last night. I didn't stick to that rule 100% during vacation, so I thought it might make it hard getting back, but so far no problems.

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