Monday, July 30, 2007

Trying to not be discouraged

So not happy with my results this week. I put off an official weight in last week, because I knew it would be off from vacation. Well, it has pretty much stayed the same all week give or take .2 lbs. So, I told myself I would take measurements and surely would see some progress there. All of those numbers are higher as well, some of them are higher then my starting stats. The only thing that maintained was my waist. Ugh, I am trying REALLY hard to not put meaning on this. I have seen it happen to others and told them to ignore the numbers, but it is really hard when it is MY numbers going UP!

I am going to start keeping track of my food intake at I am going to watch my portion control and work on adding my veggies and fruit into my diet. I really didn't want to go down this road, but I think it is now necessary.

Numbers aside, I am feeling better physically. I have been the run/walk intervals with Aubrey and I am noticing much more endurance on my end. A few months ago we tried doing it for about 2 weeks, and I never tried to get past week one of C25K, because it was so hard. I now find myself easily running those 60 second intervals. Last week I did FS and FC which there is no way I could have done those on week 1. I am feeling my muscles developing again, especially in my arms. So, I know there are good things happening here and I just need to keep up the pace.

I am getting ready to do MBS, and am working hard to not pay attention to the numbers. I told myself going into this that it wasn't about the numbers, but man its hard!!!

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