Thursday, July 5, 2007

Week 3 workout tracker

Week 3:
Thursday 7/5 - BSc 47.5 min, Yoga 10 min
Friday 7/6- CSc 57 min
Saturday 7/7 - REST
Sunday 7/8 - REST
Monday 7/9 - Vol. 1 - 60 min
Tuesday 7/10 - Winsor MBC 37 min
Wednesday 7/12 -
Thursday 7/13 -
(adding Thursday since the following week is vacation)
Total minutes for week: 211.5 min

Today I pulled out The Firm's Body Sculpt. It is a tough weights workout and really fries your legs. I actually felt like doing more when I finished, so I decided to pull out a beginners yoga DVD, since I have been wanting to learn yoga. It has four 25 minute routines that teach all of the basics. I only managed about 10 minutes because I was slipping all over the place. So, I need to go buy a yoga mat. Bummer, I was excited to do it!

I decided that yesterday would be a totally free day for the holiday which meant snacking would be okay. We always get kettle corn on the 4th to much on while we wait for fireworks. I have to say, my tummy still feels gross this morning! And I really didn't eat that much! I think my body is getting used to not having to digest while sleeping and it just doesn't like to have to try again!

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