Monday, July 9, 2007

Maniac Monday!

Whew, I just got doing Firm's Volume 1 (Body Sculpt Basics). One thing this tape is not is BASIC! It is the original Firm tape from 1986. Quite cheesy and some of the moves need to be modified for safety reasons, but it is such a killer workout that it is worth it. It's 60 minutes and the first half has you aerobically working all of your muscle groups (there are SO many lunges and plie squats) and just when you think it is over you get down on the floor and do the craziest leg work. I was groaning throughout much of this. Braden kept asking, "Ye K Mom?" and then give me a hug. He was very helpful!

I bought a yoga mat over the weekend so I begin to learn some of the yoga moves. That will be a nice change, I think.

Only three more days until we leave for Washington. I am so stoked, it's not even funny!

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