Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Going Strong

Hola! This morning I got up (early again ... this is a FEAT for me!) and did BC2. I am noticing that instead of feeling so incredibly sore (like last week) my muscles feel "warm" and worked, but not nearly as sore. That is nice. Oh and this morning I noticed my stomach feels flatter. Now it is not flat by any means, but it felt like there was less bulge there! My weight is still moving, though I think the pace has slowed down, which is fine. I know I can't really lose 9 pounds EVERY week, maybe just every other week! image

Yesterday I noticed I was having more and more feelings of doubt and pessimism coming into my head. You know the famous, "You're not really going to stick to this," "You're not really going to lose any more weight," "You know you just want to sleep in," etc. In the late afternoon, I decided to pull out Chalean's motivational CD and listened to that. Since then I've been actively combating those thoughts with, "Oh yes you can!" Hope I'm not the only one who has battles in my head!

Sometimes, it's easy to look at the past and see failure. To think all of my periods of working out and eating right must be failures, because I am still overweight. But really that is not true. I am choosing to look at this as my journey. Everything in the past, including the ups and downs, has led me to THIS point RIGHT now. Ultimately, who I am is someone who is UNSTOPPABLE. I will NOT let the roadblocks and dips in the road stop me from being who I ultimately want to be. This is what I must remember when those other thoughts try to creep their way in ... I am unstoppable!

Eating is going well! I totally lost track of time this afternoon and didn't have time to make lunch, so I grabbed two snacks and had that on the way. So glad I prepared things ahead of time otherwise I would have been up a creek!

I did the chicken kabobs the other night (marinated chicken, zucchini, pineapple and seasonings) and they were YUMMY! The chicken was so moist, it was just perfect. I am noticing that my appetite has definitely decreased. I had two skewers on my plate and thought "There's no way that will fill me up." I'm used to having starchy things on the side like pasta or potatoes. I was pleasantly full when I was done. (Not overly stuffed like I've been used to in the past). Last night was a leftovers night. We were stacking up quite a few, so it was time to eat them up. We each had something slightly different.


  1. You're doing so good. I found some motivational music on itunes several months ago that I listen to when I need some motivation. There's songs like Skinny Jeans, Use it to Lose it, and here's a sample from You Da Boss

    This is your willpow’r talking
    This is your willpow’r talking
    I know that it’s tasty
    But hey now don’t be hasty

    ‘cause you don’t need that cupcake
    No, that’d be a mistake
    And I know that it’s callin’
    But hey now don’t be fallin’

    Anyway, I love the music. You can go to to listen to the music.

    And they have one about going on a cruise that's my favorite...even though it uses a word that's not part of my language.

    Keep up the good work.

    Darcy (Marlies cousin)

  2. Hi Darcy ... thanks for visiting my blog! I will have to check out that website. Sounds like my cup of tea!

  3. Carrie I know that I have been really consistent in my workouts but I have had plenty of these thoughts (in fact I had them today). I combat them by telling myself that all I have to do is 20 minutes. Usually I get into it 5 or 10 and realize I can do more. But sometimes I only want to do 20 and that is fine. I find if I am consistent there will be days that I will want to push it. I am SO scared that if I stop I won't start again. Just tell yourself you don't have to do so much.

  4. What's cool about this program is most of the workouts are 27-35 minutes ... so there is not the dread factor there for me. I'm used to doing 45-60 minutes. There is definitely a dread factor there some days! I will remember that, thanks!