Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick Check-in

I can't beleieve I forgot to post yesterday ... after all the to do, I did yesterdays workout (Burn Intervals) and not only survived it but was strong doing it! I realized that I totally built that workout up my head to be Mt. Everest. Yes, it was tough, yes I was worked, but I can totally do this!

This morning was BC3. I even used 20 lb. dumbells on two of the exercises! I've noticed on upper body I tend to be weaker and use weights that the beginner exerciser uses but with lower body, I can use pretty close to what Chalene uses. At the end of the workout, you do 3 reeeeeaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy slow push ups to finish of one of the exercises. I was able to do all three (8 counts down and 8 counts up). What's amazing is, at the beginning of the program I could only do 2 total at a regular speed. So, yeah, I'm feeling so powerful!!!

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