Monday, January 5, 2009

I AM the biggest loseer ...

And that's a good thing! I know you have all been anxiously awaiting the weigh in, right?

Duh Duh Duh ...

9.2 lbs. lost. In my first week. Yup. That's right. Almost 10 lbs.

I wouldn't believe it myself if I didn't see the weight steadily dropping each day. I have never, EVER lost this much weight in one week. Ultimately I know it won't come off this fast for the long haul, but what a nice start to the program. I was thinking it would be nice if I could lose 15 lbs. before the cruise. I may have to re-think that! Actually, I think it really isn't about a number at this point. I can't control what the number is on the scale but I can control whether or not I workout. I can control what I put into my mouth. So, those are the things I will work on.

What's really crazy is, that while I have been working out very hard, I do not feel like I am overdoing it in the least. And my eating has changed drastically, but I am not feel deprived. Overall, I am loving life. I am glad that I am keeping track of my results in several ways (weight, measurements, fit test, body fat) because I know there are weeks when my weight may stay the same and these results will help me find this motivation. Nothing fires you up quite like results!!!

Here's to a great week!


  1. Oh my *dropped jaw*! Carrie that is AMAZING! I can't believe you have seen such amazing results. You did in one week what I did in two months. I am a little jealous but I also realize that I have never eaten that well through my process because I want to maintain this lifestyle and I know that I will eventually go back to those foods. Anyway I really really am amazed and excited for you. Congratulations! You ARE the biggest loser! Wow.

  2. Congrats on the amazing first week, Carrie! I'm using CLX as my 'carrot' to get me exercising consistently in Jan. :) Your blog is making me want it much much sooner!

  3. Hey Crazy! Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting! CLX is a great reward ... one that keeps giving back. Good luck to you in meeting your goals!