Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 3 starts today

Official start to week 3 for me today. I got up and did BC1 even though I went to bed waaay to late last night. I'm loving that I am still loving these workouts, no boredom factor. I love getting my workouts done first thing, because then I can feel good for the rest of the day knowing I did it. I may not be a morning person, but hopefully this will help get there eventually.

Official weigh in this morning has me done another pound, so that's 10.2 lbs. total!!! (I'll update my ticker when I get on the other computer.)

I'm surprised by how little I have been tempted. Like Friday, we went out so I made dinner ahead of time for Taylor and I, but ordered a pizza for the kids and babysitter. I wasn't even tempted to have a bite, and I LOOOOVE pizza. Knowing I only have these next couple of months to get ready for the cruise helps. Also, because I am seeing such great results, there's no way I want to sabotage myself now. Guess the trick will be to maintain eating well even when the results are not always noticeable or I am not counting down to something.

Well, have a super duper day!


  1. I haven't been checking out blogs lately but I just wanted to tell you that you are doing well. It's so great to have consistency. That is the one thing I love. I may not always get the best results or even the best workout but I haven't slacked off to the point of no return!

  2. I didn't mean to make that comment sound all about me. I was applauding your consistancy!

  3. Awe, thanks, Marlies ... I gotcha!