Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday is no day to rest!

Today Taylor and I did Burn Intervals and Recharge. This is because I mistakenly did Burn It Off on Thursday. I was thinking it would not be as hard as Burn It Off, since you got the light weights for a "break". Well, I was wrong ... this was tough! On some of the shoulder work I transitioned to no weights, because I was totally burning from all that shoulder work yesterday. DH wasn't too thrilled about Recharge, since it is yoga poses. I think the rest of the workouts work for him, but just not that one. I told him that he could spend the time doing his own stretching and breathing. I think he'll probably do that. He's so tight, that I think the yoga poses just were too hard for him. I am soooo looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!

Still doing great on the eating plan. Last night was flank steak with faux mashed. I added more to the marinade to make it more like our favorite marinade. Steaks are always good, what was different was not eating as much as we normally do. The faux mashed (puree cauliflower) ... eh. We both decided we'd just rather have the steamed cauliflower. So we'll leave that step out next time. We didn't do spinach but had salad instead. This is more veggies than I've eaten in a LONG time! Had the Canadian Bacon Sandwich again this morning ... love that one!


  1. DH = Darling Husband. I was copy/pasting from my check-in on my message board, and thought I fixed it to work on my blog, but I guess I forgot that! On the boards, you use lots of little abbreviations like that. ttfn = ta ta for now!