Friday, January 23, 2009


Hello! I haven't checked in for a few days, but I am still going strong. Today was BC3, so that means only one more workout left to complete my first month! I have really worked on increasing the weights this week and pushing myself, and I have the DOMS to prove it! The only exercise I haven't increased weights on is shoulder presses ... I really am weak there, which makes me laugh because Chalene is always saying, "You'll be surprised how strong your shoulders are." On shoulder presses I'm lifting with Lailee (she uses the light weights) but on delts, I'm lifting with Chalene. Go figure.

Here are some of the changes I am noticing as I near the end of my first month:
  • Major increases in strength: lifting heavier weights than I ever have, feeling stronger as I do the movements, actually being able to perform push ups (on knees) with good form, going deep in my lunges and having the strength to lift up completely from the heal (in the past I couldn't go as deep and sometimes had to rock a little for momentum to get back up when fatigued), not having to pause because I am out of breath.
  • Changes in my body: I can feel that my stomach and thighs are smaller, I can feel my muscles ... (it's not just mush any more!), I am more flexible, I just breath easier
  • Clothes fitting better: I am noticing that my shirts are not as tight on my arms, I bought jeans in November and could not fit into any 18s, so I bought two pairs of size 20s ... this week I was able to fit into one of my old pairs of size 16s!!! Granted those jeans are a big 16. I couldn't even pull them up all the way, let alone button them two months ago!
  • Feeling better about myself: While I still have those occasional "bad" thoughts, it is coming more and more naturally for me to feel good about myself and find the positive. I feel more confident. I feel really empowered knowing that while I am building muscle I am increasing my metabolism. I am no longer a victim of my genes!
  • It is not hard to eat well: Eating has always been my downfall in the past, but after one month of clean eating with really only one cheat which was planned, I feel great. I have taken charge, educated myself and found that this way of eating is working well for me. Sometimes I feel the need for more carbs, so I do it in the form of good complex carbs. Sometimes I feel like I need more protein, so once again, good protein. It's like I've crashed through this barrier that was holding me back, and I can do anything I want! I can plan off menu meals or treats and know it won't keep me from my ultimate goals!
I hope these don't come across as boastful or self centered. These are some major breakthroughs for me and I really am just reviling in this. I have lost weight in the past (and gained and lost ...) but I can honestly say this is different than anything I've ever experienced.

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