Monday, August 13, 2007

Can't believe it's already the 13th!

I am not counting last week on this journey because between being out of town and then getting a yucky head cold (still clogged up today but manageable!) Did have a great time at the Lake. It was perfect weather. We did an awesome hike through some caves. There were man made steps carved out of the stone totally 440 steps one way. Braden didn't feel like doing most of it so I ended up with him on my back (all 32 lbs.), so it really was quite a workout!

I was very relieved that I did not gain. We only ate one meal out last week and cooked the rest, so I didn't eat too horribly, but definitely not as clean as when I am keeping track. I am going to start keeping track of my eating again today. Pulled out MBS and after a long discussion in my head I prevailed and got this body moving! MBS is definitely my go to video. It's got the weights with a bit of cardio to get my heart pumping.

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